Microsoft Dynamics 365: Cloud-based CRM and ERP combining 200 apps

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CRM: Sell more and sell better with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your sales team to be more efficient in an increasingly complex environment. With the right advice, information and tools, they will be able to target clients and priorities more easily, close deals more quickly and encourage customers to make solid commitments.Thanks to optimized team collaboration, sales will also be faster.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly collaborative CRM with a range of features to help you increase your sales performance. Main distinctive features include highly adjustable dashboards, automatic analysis of social media in order to enhance your contact files, and instant information sharing amongst co-workers so you can engage more efficiently with your customers. Commercial activities (sales process, relaunches, cross-selling) and customer service (support, case management, escalation) are automated.

Automation of marketing campaigns

Marketing activities and sales or email campaigns are integrated into your software. This allows you to target up-to-date contacts in order to achieve your ideal conversion rates. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers mobile access to the CRM and an application availability rate of 99,9%.

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Strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 demo and screenshots

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: telephone network, Website (plugin, form), Interactive Dashboard Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Service Level Agreement (SLA), Phone, Mobile Application Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Contact type, insurance against loss of data, Labels

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers

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Other features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Efficacité des ventes
Entreprise 360
42 /month /user
97 /month /user
33.7 /month /user


Connection to Live Data Sources
Custom Charts
Custom Queries
Data Deduplication
Data Import/Export
Data Source Blending
Data Source Editing
Drill Down
Interactive Dashboard
Noise filtering
Pivot Tables
Queries Designer
Shared Dashboards and Reports
Content Publishing & Sharing
Conversations and Posts Collaborative discussions between team members
Event Scheduling
Group Management
Knowledge Base, Wiki
Meeting Management
News Feed
Shared Calendars
Task Management
Chat Box / Instant Messaging Live discussion via a Webchat
Contact Manager Search and organization application for professionnal contacts
Email Alias Secondary email address that redirects to the main address
Mailing Lists Email address that forwards messages to address groups
Notifications Email, sms, or pop-up window that alerts you of an action
Shared Contacts Contacts viewed and updated by multiple people
Shared User Profile User public and private identity (picture, description, skills, etc.)
Video Conference Audio and video calls with two or more people
VoIP Calls Phone conversations
Web Mail (Email Management) Sending and receiving emails
Customer Support
Case Management
Document Management
Cross-Device Sync
Document Library
Document Locking Document in view mode only. Not editable.
Document Sharing (Files)
Document Synchronization
Document Templates
Document Timestamp Official Timestamp on Documents
Document Versions
Documents Viewer
Email Document as a Link
Email document as an attachment
Full Document Search
Full Text Search
Meta Data
Photos and Videos
Real-time editing with teammates
Revisions & Versions
Shared Folders
Slides Show Presentation Editor
Spreadsheet Editor
Tags Management
Word Processing Documents Editor
Data Loss Insurance
SLA higher than 99.5% Service Level Agreement (SLA). It defines the level of service expected by users in percentage of uptime activity
Sales Force Automation
Access to a Collaborative Database of BtoB Contacts Source of targeted contacts that can be used for sales purpose
Account Management Management of company information
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company
Contact Type Client, Prospect
Events History and Follow-Up Account Activity & History
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Monitoring and Collection of Social Data Analysis of what Internet users say on social networks
Opportunity Management Deal that can possibly be gained following the qualification of a lead
Sales Process and Pipeline Customer life cycle management
Sales Report Conversion rate, team performance, best sales
Segments / Populations Possibility to group contacts by type


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Social Networks Integration
Telecom Network
Website (plugin, form)
Fixed Line
Mobile App
Offline Mode
Responsive Web Interface (RWD) Application crafting to provide an optimal experience
Security & Confidentiality
Access Restriction on IP Addresses
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Audits & Certificates (SAS 70, ISO 27001/2, TRUSTe)
Daily Backups
Geographic Data Redundancy
Personal Encryption Certificate
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Strict Internal Access Controls
Two-Factor Authentication
Total Data Reversibility
24/7 Support
Community (FAQ, Forum)
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)
On-site Training
Online Training (Webinar)

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