Odoo CRM: in summary

With over 5 million users, Odoo is the #1 open source CRM software! With Odoo CRM, users can get more leads than ever before. It is fully integrated with other applications on the Odoo platform, such as sales and inventory, making every aspect of a sale interconnected with every other part of the business.

Give your sales team easy-to-use overviews, reports, and task scheduling, so they can spend more time growing your customer base!

Why use Odoo CRM?

Odoo CRM boosts the performance of sales teams by allowing them to easily track their key prospects and opportunities. Everything a sales team needs is fully integrated into one easy-to-use application, which means they can spend more time selling. Teams have access to:

  • Email integration: analyze lead quality, make decisions faster and save time by having customer emails in one central location

  • Direct tracking: send tracking messages or schedule tracking activities directly on a track

  • Recurring revenue and renewal management: manage renewal requests, cancellations, as part of the application

  • Outlook integration: turn emails received in your Outlook inbox into tracks and save their content as internal notes

  • Action automation: automate actions that users perform manually during a sales flow.

  • Search for prospects: search for prospects using various information, such as email address, phone number, company name, etc.

Better information at a glance

With Odoo's user-friendly Kanban view, users can quickly track their opportunity pipeline in a few simple steps. Users get an instant visual overview of their:

  • Sales funnel

  • Next steps

  • New messages

  • Best opportunities

  • Expected revenue

Faster integrated marketing 

Odoo's unique CRM marketing campaign system makes accessing new leads and following up easier than ever! With Odoo's CRM marketing, the user can use:

  • UTM fields: available in Odoo 14 as optional fields on leads/opportunities

  • Automated campaigns: create campaigns targeting lead acquisition, follow-ups, and special offers

?‍? What users think 


Odoo CRM is a powerful tool according to users who are sometimes surprised by the price offered. Users agree that Odoo listens to its users and offers regular and relevant updates.


Odoo CRM users find that the tool is rather technical and requires personalized support. Customization is not easy so it takes time to be familiar with the software at first. 

Opinion of Appvizer 

Odoo CRM is a very interesting module of the Odoo suite and allows your teams to have all the features of a classic CRM. Odoo evolves and stays tuned to the users thanks to a community of 1500 members who contribute to the update of the main applications. 

Don't forget that Odoo remains a foreign-based company and therefore offers all its services in English, friendly with English speakers!

Its benefits

Automated next actions

Integrated Marketing Strategies

User-Friendly Interface


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