Buddy Punch: in summary

What is Buddy Punch?

Buddy Punch is a cloud based time clock solution. This online punch clock allows you to easily track the time you spend on tasks but also check your employees. An iOS & Android apps are available. 

Buddy Punch features

Buddy Punch has several interesting features that you might consider in order to improve your company workflow.

  • Monitor Overtime: Get real insights about your employees' hours. Email automation to warn them how much time, if they are close to their maximum.
  • Time Off: It is super easy to track time-off-requests
  • Simplification of Payroll: Buddy Punch allows you to create custom reports. There is high compatbility with Excel which enables you 

Not only Buddy Punch has powerful time tracking features, but it also has scheduling advantages.

  • Ease with time management: A drop and drop option allowing you to easily manage all information, schedules and notifications for your teams.
  • The possibility to create a schedule within a minute. 
  • Several interesting integrations that will automate even more your workflow

Its benefits

Free trial for each version

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Buddy Punch: its rates

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Buddy Punch
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