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loginTimer is a robust software tool designed to monitor and log computer login times stealthily. It collects a comprehensive set of data, including login dates, times, frequency, administrator actions, and user behaviors, both locally and remotely. This information is securely recorded in an encrypted log file, ensuring your monitoring activities remain confidential.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring:
    • The software tracks all login activities, including date, time, and frequency per user.
    • It captures administrative actions and general user behaviors, facilitating detailed oversight.
    • Enhanced Security:
    • Automatically stores log data in a private, encrypted file to help identify unauthorized access or suspicious activities.
    • Essential for maintaining security in both personal and professional settings.
  • Future-Proof Technology:
    • First to incorporate breakthrough Y2K38 technology, ensuring functionality well beyond 2038, up to the year 2099 and potentially further.
    • Free from the constraints of the Y2K bug affecting older 32-bit systems.
  • User-Friendly Operation:
    • Easily installed in a directory of your choice. Recommended location: E:\your_folder\loginTimer (Avoid C:\ drive or system directories for security reasons).
    • Portable across internal hard drives, ensuring flexibility in software deployment.
  • Flexible and Customizable:
    • Rename the software folder at your discretion for enhanced privacy.
    • Easy log management allows transferring or copying log files to new directories with automatic updates on log paths.

Installation and Activation:

Place the loginTimer folder in your preferred location—avoid the Windows installation drive for optimal privacy.
Run loginTimer.exe as an administrator upon first use to initialize the monitoring logs under the current User Account.
Logs are dynamically updated with each new user login, providing real-time data without missing any details, including logins from sleep mode.
Data Access and Privacy:

Once set up, loginTimer allows for the monitoring of all user accounts from a single user login, eliminating the need for multiple activations.
It ensures that the log can only be modified or accessed by authorized users, maintaining data integrity and security.

loginTimer provides a powerful solution for monitoring and securing your computing environment, ensuring robust control and insights into user activities and system integrity. Whether for personal or business use, loginTimer equips you with the tools needed to protect and oversee your digital domain efficiently.

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