UlTime: in summary

What is Ul-Time?

Ul-Time is SaaS time measurement software that makes invoicing and time tracking easy for your tasks, projects and clients. It is ideally a tool to measure your working time and justify your payments.

For who ?

  • For entrepreneurs, startuppers, independents, SMEs
  • For teleworkers, freelance communities
  • For leaders, managers, managers, investors, decision-makers
  • For those who need to justify their working time and payments

Ul-Time is Ideal for entrepreneurs, managers and teams looking for performance monitoring tools, based on the valuation of time to optimize your costs.

Why ?

  • To facilitate invoicing and justify fee overruns
  • To gain transparency on the distribution of working time
  • To improve business performance
  • To simply organize the tree structure around project management

The overall objective is to enable our customers to improve their invoicing system and also the monitoring of the performance of the human resources of the company.


  • By exporting the time data measured according to your clients, projects, tasks and collaborators over the period of your choice
  • By generating customizable multi-variable graphical reports

The concept is very simple, after having configured the application for you, and your employees, according to your customers, projects and tasks, you just have to start times or enter them manually to then be able to generate your reports according to the criteria of your choice.

Where ?

  • On web portal
  • On mobile application
  • Online and offline

The features of the app

  • Chrono

Easily measure your time.

This feature allows you to measure the time you spend doing your tasks, depending on the projects and clients you work for. It is quite possible to pause the times, start two or more at the same time and even record forgotten times.

  • Statistics

Generate custom graphics.

You will be able to analyze the times you measured according to the different variables and the period you want to select. Perhaps to take a step back from the distribution of your employees' working time and become aware of the unforeseen events that could disrupt the achievement of the fixed deadlines. Or to improve your invoicing system, by checking if the time recorded corresponds to the time normally devoted to a customer.

  • Collaborative


You can individually record your times on a project if you are several collaborators working on the same project. Your data is synchronized in real time once you are connected to the internet and administrator accounts can view and export team times according to the company's analysis needs.

  • Billing

Export your custom reports as an Excel table.

As soon as you have chosen the variables you want to use, you export an Excel document which presents the data recorded in hours and in decimal time. Then, you can pass your decimal times to your billing software. That's not all, because the quota feature can allow you to generate automatic reminders for yourself, and if you want, your customers too, to alert you when you get closer to the reaching of the quotas entered.

  • Admin

Administer the management of one of your business’s most valuable resources : time.

Thanks to Ul-time, create a tree structure of your clients, projects and tasks, configure default tasks and create your teams who will be able to access these clients, projects and tasks, according to your wishes.

  • Saas

Ul-time is completely secure and accessible via web portal and mobile application. The latter also allows you to be able to record offline times which, as soon as you connect to the Internet, will synchronize automatically.

Its benefits

Easy to use

Saas software

Custom report and graph

UlTime - Video
UlTime - Ul-Time's features
UlTime - Home page of the web application
UlTime - Starring a stopwatch
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UlTime - List of clients
UlTime - The list of projetcs
UlTime - The task list
UlTime - Export a custom report
UlTime - Report preview

UlTime: its rates

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