Generate New Internet Leads to Expand Your Client Base

Generate New Internet Leads to Expand Your Client Base

By Valentina Kaurin
Updated: May 20, 2020, first publication: March 2019

Are you equipped with the best prospecting tools to generate qualified internet leads and boost your sales? Prospecting is a problem that concerns all companies, whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur or a sales manager of a large group. Utilizing lead generation services is a necessary tactic to reach new prospects and increase your sales opportunities in the B2B market.

To help you find the software that is right for your company, we have selected six prospecting tools and provided a detailed description of how they work.

What is an Internet Lead?

Internet leads are generated when someone has submitted requested information using a web form who can then be contacted about a business deal. As just about every business wants to have these qualified sales leads, not all of them know how to attain them. There are two kinds of leads that businesses can go after and these are fresh leads and aged leads. Depending on the size of your business and how much time and money you are willing to spend on a single lead, you may have to consider your options carefully.

How to Close Deals

There are many ways to take advantage of the resources you have available to you to close deals. There are also some simple tips all business should consider when dealing with clients. These tips include:

  • Making sure you keep in touch with the new or aged Internet leads.
  • Personalizing a response according to the feedback you receive as well as what can be found about the leads on the web.
  • Distinguishing yourself from competitors by making sure to remind your prospects what they saw on your website.
  • Figuring out why the prospect came to your site in the first place and try to give solutions to their problems.
  • Enticing prospects to choose you rather than the competitor.
  • Continuing marketing to aged leads.
  • Understanding the metrics for all sales leads.

These tips are just a few ways to close deals with your prospects but you must regularly follow up and reevaluate your techniques based on your objectives. Other techniques to consider for your business include tools that can help streamline processes and boost your turnover.

What Are You Looking For?

To define which prospecting tool is right for you, you need to identify your needs first. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to assist you in making a choice.

👉 Do I need to have access to all the information in a single tool that centralizes all the data and allows me to follow the progress of each customer case?

👉 Do I have a lot of time to spend collecting lead information or do I need a Sales Intelligence tool that does it for me?

👉 Outdated data and maintenance of the contacts database: how to ensure that the information collected a few weeks or months earlier is still valid?

👉 Do I need a collaborative tool so that my entire team has access to the same information in real time?

Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Optimize Prospecting

Prospecting with Your Head Down

You've just asked yourself what your needs are, but have you wondered what those of your prospects are? This is the first question you should ask yourself before you start prospecting. The answer will determine the prospect profiles you are looking to reach.

Knowing your prospects' needs is essential for a marketer to determine which audiences to target and how to meet their needs with your product or service.

Conduct Generic Campaigns

Lack of personalization is one of the causes of failure in many marketing strategies. Personalizing your campaigns means showing your prospects that they are unique as well as developing a long-term relationship of trust.

Getting Things Half Done

If you have missing information about your prospects, you are less likely to convert this lead into a customer. It is as simple as that.

It is essential to have all the cards in hand to close the deal while leveraging all the information you can gather about your prospect. Moreover, by customizing your marketing techniques and sales relationship, you are better able to respond to targeted prospect concerns, and therefore, in the end, increase your chances of signing.

Take Advantage of all Available Resources

From Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, events and so on, there are plenty of ways to find new business leads using marketing technology, but more specifically, lead generation tools. Yet B2B companies often use only some of the tools available to them for customer acquisition.

Choosing a Free Prospecting Tool

Free software can be a good idea if you have just started your business and your cash flow does not allow you to invest in paid software. That being said, you will quickly discover the limits of these solutions:

  • Hosting and data security
  • Limited or optional features
  • Lack of interoperability with your CRM, etc.

Definition: What is a Prospecting Tool?

How a Prospecting Tool Can Help You Reach Your Goals

A business prospecting tool is simply software that helps you in your search for new B2B prospects.

Specifically, prospecting software is helpful for:

  • Targeting marketing leads,
  • Finding your target audience,
  • Segmenting your customer database,
  • Following the history of your prospecting for each contact,
  • Customizing your commercial approach,
  • Generating qualified leads,
  • Converting more prospects into customers,
  • Increasing turnover.

6 of The Best Prospecting Tools for an Actionable Content Marketing Strategy

Comparison table of prospecting tools:

Software Advantage
Easybusiness Global prospect database
Hubspot Communication actions using analytical features
Insightly Ability to centralize contacts all in one place from any device
Predict by Sparklane Automatic generation of scoring leads
Salesforce Web-based CRM system
Zoho CRM Integrates with other tools in the Zoho Suite

The software we have selected is intended for all companies, regardless of their size, from very small businesses to large groups.

Easybusiness, The All-in-One Prospecting Tool

Easybusiness is a database of more than 16 million companies worldwide. It allows you to target your sales leads searches very precisely with more than 60 filters, including:

  • Geographical location
  • Sector of activity
  • Company's workforce
  • Manager (with or without their email address)
  • Turnover

Easybusiness also includes tools to conduct relevant marketing campaigns. Its advanced features allow you to create your own custom search lists, which you can then export.

With Easybusiness, you have access to data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also connect your applications to Easybusiness where you can then complete your business development.

Generating Leads with Hubspot

Hubspot is a suite of Internet software adapted to marketing to grow your business. All in one, it brings together all the functionalities necessary for sales lead generation and the overall marketing campaign.

With its many analytics features, Hubspot will allow you to better understand the communication actions to be implemented in order to be as efficient as possible, allowing you to get more traffic, more prospects and more customers.

Hubspot Lead Management Software

Creating emailing campaigns is very simple with an intuitive and powerful interface. The data obtained following the advertising is highlighted in the form of clear graphs.

Hubspot is undoubtedly a suite of lead generation software that is essential for optimizing marketing and sales through marketing automation and is fulfilling the need for the efficiency and simplicity of online lead generation.

Insightly for Sustainable Client Partnerships

Insightly provides a simple online CRM solution for all the requirements of SMEs and entrepreneurs. One of the benefits of this system is that you can centrally locate all contacts in a single place that can be accessed through all devices. Its seamless integration with Google Apps makes it an incredible automation software that manages your organization and relationships.

Insightly enables the management of the complete sales process including lead acquisition, customer transformation and business opportunity management.

Generate Leads with Insightly

Insightly provides a very neat look and feel modeled after Google Apps. Contact information is comprehensive and event management is clearly defined. As soon as you finish the process, you will be able to design new online marketing campaigns that will send out mass custom messages.

Some of the functionalities of this software include:

  • Sales
  • Relationships
  • Projects
  • Integrations

Insightly is able to demonstrate the most solid customer relationships, monitor the changing nature of relationships and find hidden links using relationship mapping.

Predict by Sparklane, Predictive Lead Scoring

Do you want to better target your prospects and accelerate your sales prospecting? Predict by Sparklane is the right tool for you. This sales intelligence solution includes a predictive lead scoring engine based on artificial intelligence: Predict displays prospect results based on your sales results. In other words, the more you use the solution, the more you will see the benefits.

Predict saves you time in tracking and analyzing the information you receive on your leads and optimizes your sales actions.

The strengths of Predict by Sparklane are based on several factors:

  • Global exploitation of the market: automation of targeting, identification of the total available market, embedding of your data
  • Time savings: predictive scoring, automatic score calculation, better conversion capacity on your accounts, account suggestion engine
  • Improving the conversion rate: business signals, customization of the sales process, better response to objections
  • Shorter sales cycle: detailed information, better targeting of needs, better responsiveness of your sales forces

This marketing automation software offers high interoperability with CRMs such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Regarding the security of your data, it is hosted on servers in France, benefiting from the highest security standards and is backed up on a daily basis.


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Predictive Lead Scoring B2B Solution
Learn more about Sparklane

Find out the best of CRM solutions for startups and SMEs with Salesforce

Salesforce is a CRM solution that capitalizes on the latest technologies in social networks, mobility, Big Data and Cloud to help you generate sales leads.

Salesforce is the global market leader in cloud CRM. Get complete and continuously updated data with this well integrated software that benefits from the highest security standards. The sales cloud enables the effective handling of the whole commercial cycle with numerous advantages including teamwork between sales teams.

Salesforce provides a variety of services ranging from the top contact managers to the complete sales and marketing functions:

  • Management of marketing campaigns
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Price and product management
  • Workflow management and process customization
Generate Leads with Salesforce

Salesforce tools provide quick and easy solutions. With no need for any specific application or software to deploy, you are quickly operational and will see the advantages for your company. Here you will find all the tools required to turn your business into a collective and socially oriented enterprise to form a unique partnership with your customers as well as your team.

Zoho CRM Makes it Easier to Market More Intelligently and More Efficiently

In today's business world, with growing competition and an ever-increasing customer relationship at the core of the business, if you want to gain business in less time, you need an effective sales tracking system. Anticipate the tasks to be performed, create a sales pipeline and detailed analysis reports.

Zoho Lead Management

Zoho CRM is an easy-to-use customer relationship management software for companies of all sizes. It helps to streamline business and sales processes to make your work easier. Prospects are generated from different channels such as trade shows, emails, social networks and websites that can be efficiently managed.

Zoho B2B Lead Generation

Zoho CRM has features to support your business productivity:

  • Implement workflow rules
  • Facilitate collaboration between your teams
  • Be alerted of sales signals to take immediate action
  • Recording of commercial appointment sales reports
  • Extend functionality with the integration of your emails and other applications

Prospecting Tools to Boost Turnover

Commercial prospecting has evolved considerably since the time of telephone prospecting. The digital transformation of a new business and the arrival of Big Data now allows publishers to offer powerful prospecting tools that makes the work of salespeople easier. This has evolved the way businesses contact internet leads as it allows for faster communication and follow up with prospects.

Sales teams no longer need to waste time prospecting; they focus their energy, time and actions on tailoring a marketing strategy to close more deals.

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