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Hygger is a project management software. It allows companies to manage, from a single platform, all the processes related to project management in order to respect time, budget, and objectives. 

Why choose Hygger?

The platform helps you get a complete overview of new product launches, dashboards, and project tasks. Among the key features, we find the following:

  • Activity screening across all dashboards, in real-time: completed and current tasks, overdue tasks, and employee work logs.

  • Automatically arrange your inbox: get only the team updates you need, instead of a flood of unwanted messages.

  • Create a quick overview of a task with a unique URL showing the progress of the task.

  • Keeping the conversation organized and centralized using comment threads.

  • Quick, rapid response to everyone involved in a discussion.

  • Planning and control of project tasks and sprints during the product testing cycle.

  • Presentation of the set of tasks that belong to a given release.

  • Union of multiple dashboards in a collection according to certain criteria.

  • Track your team's performance and create detailed reports.

  • Ability to create new solutions on the Hygger platform with APIs.

Advantages of Hygger

Using Hygger for project management means using a SaaS tool. There is no need to download any software, everything is done directly on your browser. The proposed work environment has a strong collaborative component: the objectives to be reached together are the key to the functioning of this solution.

The mobile application is available for iOS and Android. Hygger software keeps you up to date on all your projects with real-time iPhone and Android apps!

Advantages of Hygger

  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Automatization
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Our test on Hygger

Hygger is a complete project management software. This agile-oriented platform integrates all processes and projects under one solution and allows for task planning, issue and progress tracking, time tracking with reports, resource management, seamless team communication, and much more.

You can try Hygger for free for the first 50 tasks. The paid plan starts from $7 per user per month which is an affordable price for a small team to try.

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Our opinion on Hygger

To sum up, Hygger is a useful project management software with lots of powerful functionalities that makes team collaboration easier. It’s easy to use and also the project planning, live activity streaming, time tracking, and Kanban boards are the features that make Hygger different from other platforms. Especially, the Scrum methodology is the heart of this software. With a good quality-price ratio, this is undoubtedly the solution that you should give a try!