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Use a real agile tool to guide you through your agile transformation

Created by experts, pioneers of agility, more than 10 years ago, iceScrum is based on the foundations of Agile values. This makes it a solid foundation for your Agile practices and provides an excellent framework for teams learning this methodology.

Share your vision and help your teams create added value

Plan the major steps of your project with confidence with a rigorous empirical approach

Many projects fail because their goals are not well understood by the team that builds the product. iceScrum helps you materialize your vision, make it understandable to your teams, and ensure it remains consistent as technical and business knowledge evolves on the project.

It is difficult to meet deadlines in today’s complex world.
The rhythm of the releases and sprints introduced in iceScrum ensures that the deadlines are always respected and that the right amount of work is planned at each iteration, all to achieve the expected progress.

Communicate clear needs to development teams

Reduce your time to market & maximize your return on investment

Thanks to a simple and modern visual representation iceScrum help to formalize the main features of your product and to cut out the need for a user story. These stories are the main interface between the needs of the project and those that can meet them.

Prioritize your stories in the product backlog and ensure that each sprint minimizes your risks, increases your market knowledge, and brings as much value as possible, all in line with your vision and keeping your costs under control.

Track your progress and monitor key indicators of project success

Get an overview of your projects with Agile and customized graphics that allow you to make informed decisions and stay focused on your goals. Also, teams can continuously inspect their work, adapt their practices, and improve as they gain experience.

Optimize your visual management to structure your teams' daily work

Integrate iceScrum with your company’s other key tools

By dividing their stories into workable tasks and developing them in the Scrum/Kanban table, teams structure their work and promote communication and collaboration among their members. Thus the sprint objectives are achieved and functional stories are delivered.

Thanks to its integration with the tools essential to the success of your projects, iceScrum ensures the traceability and consistency of your data. Also, its extensive REST API allows you to adapt iceScrum to your needs.

Seamlessly involve your stakeholders and build a better product

Your products must bring value to the stakeholders, so involving them in your projects is crucial to building the right products. iceScrum allows them to share their ideas and keep them informed as the product evolves.

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Strengths of iceScrum

  • True agile tool guide & dedicated support
  • Manage all Scrum items: Epics, Features, Stories, Tasks
  • Groom your backlogs, estimate, priorize & plan easily

iceScrum demo and screenshots

Roadmap Roadmap dark mode Release schedule Visual & postits view details Backlogs for grooming management, estimation and prioritization Burndown, burnup charts and more agile Dashboard view

iceScrum customers

NASA Airbus Schneider Activision Total

Other features of iceScrum

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iceScrum pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Free / Open Source
Private project (∞ users)
One Team (∞ projects)
Five Teams (∞ projects)
Business (∞ teams)
8.9 /month
49.9 /month
109.9 /month
249.9 /month

1 Projet pour 1 équipe (utilisateurs illimités)

Projets illimités pour 1 équipe (utilisateurs illimités)

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Activity Monitoring
Interactive Dashboard
Content Publishing & Sharing
Conversations and Posts Collaborative discussions between team members
Managing Attachments
News Feed
Planning Overview
Task Management
Create Tasks by Email
Event Scheduling
Push Notifications
Agile SCRUM Organization framework used to develop a complex product
Change Management Support for users and administrators during the transition to a new tool
Process & Workflow
Change Request
Priority Management
Problem Resolutions
Real-Time Editing
Task Management & Alerts
Performance Indicators
Product Management
Ideas Management
Specifications Management
Project Management
Acceptance Test Management
Assessment of Tasks to Be Completed
Availability Analysis
Backlog Management
Defect Management
Demand Management
Planning Simulator
Priority Management
Project Report
Recurring Tasks
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Virtual Task Board
Macroplanning & Reverse planning
Projects Overview / Follow Up
Scrum Roles Management
Project Portfolio (PPM)
Functional Testing
Testing Scenario


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Linux OS
Mac OS
Windows OS
Active Directory (AD) Integration
Public Cloud Driver
Responsive Web Interface (RWD) Application crafting to provide an optimal experience
Security & Confidentiality
Daily Backups
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
24/7 Support
On-site Training
Community (FAQ, Forum)
Configuration Support
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)

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