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Kanbanize has changed the way project managers and team members do their tasks. The system is loaded with a number of tools and features that make project management easy, from initial phases of planning and conceptualization to realization and delivery. Kanbanize is known for its powerful analytics module and provides multiple charts out of the box and the data is populated automatically. Kanbanize expands its functionality by linking any number of systems that are relevant to the way you...

Kanbanize is Agile project management software that combines Kanban-style features and business automation into a virtual workspace.
We help you connect your strategic planning with project execution to gain visibility across the entire organization.

With Kanbanize you can:

  • Map your strategic objectives
  • Break them down into team projects and actionable tasks
  • Visualize your work processes and optimize workflow efficiency
  • Track project progress and swiftly adapt to changes

Our features enable you to:

  • Fully customize your Kanban boards to visualize your workflow and processes
  • Track cross-team dependencies, see the progress of related work items and establish traceable work relationship links
  • Apply the flexible “if-this-then-that '' business rule to automate your workflow
  • Use workflow analytics to analyze team performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-based predictions.
  • Set custom notifications and facilitate your everyday work with the system
  • Create multiple workflows on one Kanban boards to fit the specific needs of cross-functional teams or teams working on multiple projects.
  • Add a Timeline to your Kanban boards to update your plans in real-time and visualize their execution.
  • Use Management and Team Workspaces to increase the visibility across multiple teams and projects, support a smoother breakdown and delegation of work and successfully scale Agile across your organization.

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