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Presentation of OpenProject

OpenProject is a SaaS software, with advanced technology and features that was designed in the United States. It is an open-source project management software, complete with many practical features for the proper functioning of a company.

Plan your projects efficiently 

For an activity to run smoothly, it is essential to have a good level of team mission planning. OpenProject provides all the necessary functionalities for the management of your teams' tasks. 

  • Optimal visibility on all your tasks thanks to a functional dashboard 

  • Plan transparently by including all stakeholders

  • Analyze the required activities and create a detailed plan that shows how and when the project will provide deliverables.

OpenProject is a great tool to support agile product development and methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. Use agile boards to organize and prioritize your work with your team.

Inform teams quickly and easily

  • OpenProject is a web-based software, so it allows all project team members to access all information at any time

  • Collaborate and communicate to ensure that all activities are recorded in the system

  • Set up meetings and inform others about them in a few clicks

What are some advantages of using OpenProject?

Data is collected at OpenProject, so usage is secure on a daily basis. This project management SaaS offers functions such as project planning, as well as project visualization and tracking. OpenProject is available on any operating system, through a browser, since it is a software as a service or SaaS application. Updates and maintenance will be performed by OpenProject so that your company can always benefit from the latest versions of the software.


OpenProject has straightforward pricing with five different plans that fit your company size. The software can either be hosted as a Cloud-based service or On-premises with monthly or annual payments available for the Cloud and annual payments only for on-premises. Multi-year payments also will receive discounts based on the duration of your contract. The pricing for plans is calculated per user per month, although paying per month incurs an extra $1.25 per user.

  • Community - Free (doesn’t offer premium features)

  • Basic - $7.25/user (5 minimum users)

  • Professional - $13.50/user (25 minimum users)

  • Premium - $19.50/user (100 minimum users)

  • Corporate - On request (250 minimum users)
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Prices and features of OpenProject


/month /user

Project Management

Backlog Management
Custom Project Structure
Defect Management
Issue Management
Kanban Board
Macroplanning & Reverse planning
+ 15 other features

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Our test on OpenProject

What is OpenProject?

OpenProject is an open-source project management system that will allow users to work in a secure environment. Projects can be managed classically or by using agile or hybrid methods. The software allows you to plan and schedule projects while tracking responsibilities and progress.   

Beyond project planning, scheduling, and agile project management some of the most common uses for the software are task management, time tracking, cost reporting, budgeting, product roadmaps, release planning, and more.

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Our opinion on OpenProject

OpenProject management software can be a great choice for companies that want to improve their project management for a reasonable cost. The features that are included outside the community plan can be very useful for any type of industry or project. Even for free users, there are great functionalities available to plan, schedule and get an overall view of your projects.