Perfony: in summary

Perfony is a project management tool designed for teams and businesses looking to enhance organization and collaboration. Its intuitive design caters to both small teams and large enterprises, providing features such as comprehensive task management, real-time collaboration, and detailed project tracking.

What are the main features of Perfony?

Comprehensive Task Management

Effortlessly handle your tasks and projects with Perfony’s robust task management system. Organize tasks by projects, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and stay on top of your to-do lists.

  • Create and organize tasks: Easily create tasks and organize them by different projects for efficient tracking.
  • Set deadlines: Ensure every task is completed on time with deadline settings and alerts.
  • Assign responsibilities: Delegate tasks to team members and keep everyone aware of their roles.

Real-Time Collaboration

Elevate team collaboration with real-time features that keep everyone in sync. Communicate seamlessly and enhance productivity through integrated collaborative tools.

  • Instant messaging: Quick and efficient communication through integrated chat.
  • Document sharing: Share files and notes internally to support cooperative work.
  • Activity feed: Keep team members updated with a live feed of project-related activities.

Detailed Project Tracking

Maintain a high level of transparency with detailed project tracking options in Perfony. Monitor progress, analyze productivity, and stay informed with comprehensive reporting.

  • Progress metrics: Visualize project progress with charts and timelines.
  • Productivity reports: Generate reports to evaluate team performance and project efficiency.
  • Custom dashboards: Create customizable dashboards to keep essential information at your fingertips.
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Perfony - Add tabs in Perfony Teams. Perfony is Microsoft Partner. "Add project tracking in your collaborative tool."
Perfony - Access all your actions in one place. No more Excel tables. Now you can create filters to view only your actions, or those of your teams, or those late etc ...
Perfony - Synchronize your calendar and Perfony and put an end to the réunionnite!
Perfony - Simply browse your files to find your action plans.
Perfony - Exclusive reports 100% customizable.

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