Workzone: in summary

Workzone is a project management software designed to strike a balance between robustness and simplicity. Positioned as a solution more comprehensive than entry-level tools like Basecamp and less complicated than MS Project, Workzone aims to be the ideal project management solution for a wide range of teams.

Features of Workzone

  • Project Overview: Instantly see the status of projects, identifying which ones are on track and which are falling behind.

  • Collaboration: Secure cloud-based collaboration allows for document requests, sharing, reviews, and approvals online.

  • Detailed Reporting: Offers both a detailed and big-picture view of team projects across various departments, clients, or campaigns.

  • Task Management: Features personal to-do lists and automatic reminder emails to ensure team members stay on track.

Benefits of Workzone

  • User-Friendly: Workzone is praised for its balance between being a robust project management software and being simple enough for real-world use.

  • Customization: Allows teams to create more effective internal processes, with tools like Gantt charts enhancing client touchpoints.

  • Supportive Customer Service: Known for its responsive and helpful customer service, making the deployment of the software smoother.

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Workzone - Workzone-screenshot-0
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