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It is important for recruitment agencies to use services tools. These solutions allow them to improve the management of temporary staff and their service by letting the software perform repetitive tasks.

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Our selection of 2 temporary staffing software

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Streamline your recruitment process with powerful software that simplifies job postings, applicant tracking, and candidate communication.

Beetween's recruiting software allows you to easily create job postings, track applicant progress, and communicate with candidates all in one platform. With customizable workflows and automated reminders, you can save time and focus on finding the right candidates for your team.

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Simple, intuitive and responsive

Collaborative application tracking system

GDPR compliant

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Streamline hiring with powerful ATS software. Track applicants, automate workflows, and collaborate with ease.

EOLIA Software simplifies the hiring process with its Applicant Tracking System. Features include customizable workflows, candidate scoring, and integration with popular job boards. Collaborate with team members and manage all aspects of hiring in one platform.

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Agility and close guidance

Innovations and evolutions

Feature-rich with 15 years of experience

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Temporary Staffing software: purchase guide

What is temporary staffing software? 


Temporary staffing software is an online solution designed to facilitate the tasks of recruiting agencies. These software packages perform tasks such as planning and interim management. They also manage activities such as quotations and invoicing to companies.   

How does it work?

Temporary staffing software is programmed to perform all the tasks of a recruiting agency and helps to avoid the frequent errors encountered during manual work. To do this, the software provides various modules to automate or facilitate some functions, including activities under the responsibility of human resources, such as candidate management. The same applies to the management of medical examinations and everything related to temporary staff: timesheets, contracts, absences, etc.  

Using this type of tool requires a monthly subscription, which in most cases depends on the features offered. Operations are done on a single online platform, with cloud hosting. Access to files is therefore via the Internet, whether via a fixed station or a mobile device.    

What are the main features of temporary staffing software?

The main features of temporary staffing software include:

Targeting potential temporary staff

The software allows you to select the most interesting applications based on specific qualifications pre-established by the user. The tool also detects keywords embedded in the CV or an important detail such as the candidate's address and then ranks the most interesting profiles. The goal is to optimize the search to save time.  

Digitize contracts 

This type of software provides a function to create an electronic signature for contracts. This feature allows the agency and its clients to manage all needs and agreements online: request for temporary staff, payment, reporting... All exchanges and formalities can, therefore, be done remotely. 

Manage records

The job of a temporary employment agency involves managing a large amount of important data on temporary workers. All files are managed by the software, including missions, performance sheets and working hours.

Who uses online temporary staffing software? 

Temporary staffing software can be used by businesses of all sizes that manage temporary workers. Whether it is a recruitment firm or an employment agency. This type of tool is also used by a company's HR department in the context of employee administration.    

What are the benefits of using temporary staffing software?


  • Using these software saves time in managing the agency's various tasks 
  • It allows candidates to complete the forms online
  • It helps to limit errors 
  • It ensures secure work thanks to the digitalization of documents  


  • Not all free software meets the real needs of temporary employment agencies because of their limited functionality. 

How to choose to one? 

  • Getting started: the platform design must be intuitive. The different sections must be easily accessible in order to effectively manage the various aspects of the business. 
  • Installation: While other software requires installation on a computer, others offer a 100% online platform. The ideal is to choose the tool that meets the agency's constraints. 
  • Flexibility: although the majority of temporary employment agencies specialize in a particular sector of activity, some work in a wide array of sectors. In this case, it is essential to choose software that can provide a versatile solution. 
  • Cost: some publishers offer attractive discounts depending on the number of modules purchased. It is therefore not necessary to pay a lot of money to benefit from an efficient tool with the necessary functionalities. It is advisable to inquire about the possibilities of a discount.

The best free and open-source temporary staffing software

  • Bestt
  • Iptime Manager 
  • Zoho People
  • Tempo

The most popular professional temporary staffing software 

For self-employed, freelance and independent entrepreneurs 

  • CILEAinterim
  • Obascan
  • Commet

For VSEs 

  • Anael
  • Peopulse

For SMEs

  • Cegi
  • BAPS-Interim
  • WinLassie

Employment agencies need high-performance IT tools. With temporary staffing software, almost any task can be automated, from finding temporary workers to managing their pay. 

Temporary Staffing softwares: Q&A

Temporary staffing software helps automate the process of finding and managing temporary workers for your business. It typically includes features such as candidate sourcing, job posting, applicant tracking, shift scheduling, and payroll management.

When looking for temporary staffing software, you should look for features such as candidate matching, automated timekeeping, invoicing and billing, compliance management, and reporting and analytics. These features will help you streamline your staffing process and make it easier to manage your temporary workforce.

Temporary staffing offers several benefits for businesses, including increased flexibility, reduced costs, lower risk, and access to a wider pool of talent. It allows you to quickly scale your workforce up or down depending on your needs, without the long-term commitment of permanent hires.

Some of the best temporary staffing software options in the market include Bullhorn, JobAdder, StaffingSoft, and Avionté. These software solutions offer a range of features to help streamline your staffing process and improve your overall business efficiency.

If you're looking for a free temporary staffing software alternative, some options include OpenCATS, Zoho Recruit, and Recruity. While these solutions may not offer as many features as paid software, they can still provide a basic level of functionality to help manage your temporary staffing needs.