Amazon Connect: Simple cloud-based contact center solution

Introduction to Amazon Connect

What is Amazon Connect?

Released in 2017, Amazon Connect by Amazon has quickly reached the top of the customer relationship software market. This platform is a self-service, cloud based contact center service that focuses on improving interactions between companies and their customers.

Why switch to Amazon Connect?

Moving to the cloud will be one of the best decisions you can make. This contact center software will be able to provide you with a wide range of solutions for all of your problems. Its main goal is to improve customer relationship and workforce management. It does so by utilizing numerous functionalities such as: natural language flows, inbound and outbound calls, contact flow engine, skill-based routing, and their visual dashboards. All of these features will help your company increase agent productivity and customer care. Callers will be able to resolve customers’ issues in more effectively and efficiently with the data Amazon Connect captures in real time and on premise. This will be extremely beneficial for your customers, and ultimately for you to grow your company into the best of its ability.


  • People without any technological experience can manage the dashboards due to its easy to use database.
  • You do not have to commit to any subscriptions. Customers pay by the minute for any usage.
  • Incredibly reliable, elastic, and scalable because Amazon Connect is hosted on AWS, which is operating in various locations worldwide.
  • Can be used with multiple integrations (CRM, API, WFM, etc.) or you can build custom ones due to its open platform.

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Strengths of Amazon Connect

  • Scalability
  • Interactive voice
  • Skills-based routing

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