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Service HubInnovative Solution for Customer Service Excellence

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Streamline customer interactions with advanced service tools and analytics for businesses.

Service Hub offers a suite of powerful customer service tools and insights designed to help businesses streamline their customer interactions. Integrating customer feedback, ticketing, and live chat systems, it facilitates efficient support and satisfaction tracking. With Service Hub, organisations can leverage detailed analytics to improve service strategies and ultimately boost customer loyalty.

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FreshdeskKeep your agents happy, and your customers happier

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Streamlines customer service with ticketing, automation, and multi-channel support.

Freshdesk enhances customer support experiences with advanced ticketing functionality, automation tools for streamlining operations, and support across multiple channels. This platform enables businesses to manage queries more efficiently, improve agent productivity, and deliver personalized service. Its analytics feature assists in tracking performance and customer satisfaction levels. Ideal for companies looking to elevate their customer service game.

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Transparent pricing

Intuitive UI

24/7 assistance

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Zoho SalesIQA real-time website visitor tracking and engagement software

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Paid version from €7.00 /month

Boost conversions with AI chatbots and real-time visitor insights. Improve customer engagement and streamline sales processes.

Zoho SalesIQ's advanced chatbot capabilities and visitor tracking provide valuable data for sales teams. Personalize interactions and increase conversions with targeted messaging and proactive chat invitations.

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Privacy commitment

Part of Zoho ecosystem that has around 45+ apps

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Help ScoutCustomer support software

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Paid version from $15.00 /month

Streamline your customer support with this SaaS software. Enjoy features such as ticket management, automation, and reporting to improve your team's productivity.

With this software, you can easily manage customer inquiries through a centralized ticket system. Automate repetitive tasks and track key metrics through robust reporting. Boost your team's efficiency and provide better customer experiences.

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Streamline your customer service with powerful software that simplifies communication and enhances customer satisfaction.

Smart Tribune offers a range of tools to help you manage customer inquiries, from chatbots to ticket tracking. Its intuitive interface and advanced analytics make it easy to monitor and improve your customer service experience.

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Selfcare and Digital Customer Relationship Consulting

SEO improvement

Solutions on the entire Self-service value chain

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Streamline Customer Service with Powerful Software. Automate tasks, track interactions, and improve agent productivity with intuitive tools.

With this software, you can create custom workflows, manage multichannel communications, and access real-time metrics to optimize performance. Plus, integrations with popular CRMs and other tools increase efficiency and data accuracy.

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Paid version from €29.00 /month

Easily manage client information, create custom workout plans, and track progress with this top-rated personal trainer software.

Hexfit's intuitive interface allows for seamless scheduling and payment processing, while its extensive exercise library and progress tracking tools ensure clients stay on track towards their fitness goals.

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Complete tool for fitness professionals

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Paid version from €75.00 /month

Streamline customer support with intuitive software that prioritizes efficiency and organization.

With advanced features like automated case routing and customizable workflows, this software maximizes productivity and promotes customer satisfaction. Its user-friendly interface simplifies communication and enhances team collaboration, allowing for seamless issue resolution.

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Complete customer history with Salesforce integration

Artificial Intelligence can anticipate an activity

Scalable platform from 1 to 10 thousand users

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Streamline your customer support process with powerful software that automates tasks, tracks customer interactions, and provides detailed reporting.

With our customer support software, you can easily manage tickets, assign tasks, and collaborate with team members. Plus, our robust reporting options give you valuable insights into your team's performance and customer satisfaction levels. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more efficient support system.

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Easy to use, no training required. Free trial.

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Boost your customer service with software that streamlines communication, automates tasks, and provides real-time analytics.

Diabolocom's Customer Service software allows you to manage all customer interactions in one place, including calls, emails, and social media. Automated workflows and intelligent routing ensure efficient handling of inquiries. With real-time analytics, you can monitor performance and make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction.

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Process requests quickly and efficiently

Manage your contact centre activity in a few clicks

Secure customer loyalty and win new customers

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