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Toggl Track is a time tracking application that allows you to track your daily activities across multiple platforms; providing you with detailed insights and the opportunity to optimize your workflow by identifying areas where you can improve. 

Toggl Track is available via web app, desktop apps (Windows, Mac, Linux), browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox) and mobile apps (Android, iOS). Each of these platforms has its own unique advantages, giving you access to detailed reports, automatic monitoring, and the ability to track time on the go. 

Toggl Track can be used by both individuals and teams. In either situation, rather than simply tracking and categorizing your time entries, Toggl Track provides you with powerful reporting capabilities, helping you understand where you and your team are spending your time in most cases. 

The best part of Toggl Track? Most of the features described above are part of the free plan. If you need more advanced features (including billable rates, insights into the profitability of your projects, or an unlimited number of members in your Toggl Track workspace), the provider has several paid plans to offer. 

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