Dialfire: The smart cloud dialer

No matter if you want to call a lot of contacts from a list or work as a large call center with hundreds of seats. Dialfire, a browser and 3 minutes of time is all you need to get started with your campaign.
With Dialfire, your browser will instantly become a fully functional Outbound Call Center.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful Predictive Dialer and Inbound Call Blending
  • Support for small ad-hoc campaigns, as well as large multilevel campaigns with millions of contacts
  • No software installation. No servers. No phone cabling.
  • Create new campaigns in minutes with convincing templates
  • Unlimited number of jobs
  • Personalize your campaigns without IT knowledge

A pleasure for your purse

  • Pay only for telephony connections at extremely attractive rates
  • All expert functions included
  • No basic fee. No minimum charges.
  • No setup fee

With Dialfire, you have it in your own hands
Although it is very easy to start with Dialfire, more complex campaigns sometimes require sophisticated functions. Dialfire provides you with a wide range of tools to keep you in full control of your campaign.

  • Registration of own telephone numbers for use in inbound and outbound.
  • Free design of the customer screen and support for any number of custom fields and conversation guide.
  • Creation of multi-level campaigns that go far beyond calls, SMS and email, conversation records, as well as exchange with external systems.
  • Active control of the dialer, as well as prioritizing the contacts according to any criteria.
  • Create custom statistics to gain more insight into your campaign.
  • Personalized automatic exports (CSV or PDF serial print)
  • Calendar campaigns - ideal for scheduling
  • Wallboard with campaigns
  • Edit contact information in real-time.
  • Developers can access various REST APIs and use JavaScript to provide additional integration in almost any module.
  • All these functionalities are available immediately and at no extra cost. If you do not get any further, the competent Dialfire support will be happy to help you - quickly and free of charge.

Target groups

For individuals up to call centers with hundreds of seats that want to call effectively many contacts from a list. Dialfire is also ideal for distributed call centers as it is a cloud service that requires no installation.
Dialfire is ideal for companies where it is important to be able to carry out campaigns themselves and to keep full control.Dialfire is also very well suited for companies that want to outsource calls, since this can be done with a few clicks and with all security. The client company retains full control over the data.

Editor: cloud IT Services

Strengths of Dialfire

  • Certifications: GDPR

Dialfire demo and screenshots

www.dialfire.com - Instant Outbound Call Center Campagnes de modèles préfabriqués - importez simplement des contacts et c'est parti !.png masque d'agent intuitif et entièrement personnalisable.png Importation des contacts en quelques clics.png Pour un aperçu attrayant et toujours à jour de vos campagnes !.png Pour une vue d'ensemble en temps réel de vos niveaux d'appel - même en dehors de Dialfire. (1).png Rapports personnalisables - tous les résultats en un coup d'œil.png Possibilité de paramétrage facile d'accès et intuitif lors de la phase de tâche appel .png Flux de tâches à l'intérieur d'une campagne - automatisation personnalisable.png La vue contact - votre vue d'ensemble de toutes les adresses - tous les processus et données sont disponibles ici..png Formulaire préfabriqué et personnalisable.png

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