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Gusto is an HRIS that allows small businesses to easily manage their team members.

Why choose Gusto?

Gusto is a cloud-based HRIS used by more than 100,000 employers to onboard, pay, insure and support team members.

Gusto offers an all in one unified platform for companies to manage their payslips, taxes, and benefits (401K, commuter, etc.). This solution is perfect for all types of companies, as it doesn't require any expertise. It has an easy to use, simple interface that anyone will be able to handle. Gusto allows companies to focus on more important tasks and projects, while it manages all of the company's payroll tasks. It will offer you guidance through every step and will help you complete the task quickly and error-free. 

A simple and intuitive tool 

From an intuitive interface, users can:

  • Define payroll variables
  • Manage employee presence and associated compensation
  • Manage time-tracking
  • Automate payroll, taxes, and filings 
  • E-files all your tax forms on your behalf 
  • Access their account from wherever, whenever 
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On demand


Taxes Management


Automated Tax Deductions
Automatic payroll closure
Employee Portal
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Tax amout to pay
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