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Zoho AssistUser-friendly tool for businesses who need support or access

Based on +200 reviews
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Effortlessly access and control remote devices with this software's intuitive interface and secure connection.

Zoho Assist's remote access software allows you to easily connect with remote devices across multiple platforms, and features advanced security measures to ensure your data stays protected. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily control remote devices as if you were there in person.

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Remote control

Smooth interface

Compatible with other devices

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Paid version from €19.00 /month

Streamline your IT service management with powerful software that helps you track assets, manage tickets, and automate workflows.

With this ITSM software, you can easily manage your IT assets, track changes, and automate workflows. The software offers an intuitive interface, customizable dashboards, and flexible reporting options to help you gain insights into your IT operations.

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Streamline IT service management with powerful features for ticketing, asset management, and reporting.

Freshservice's ITSM software offers a comprehensive solution for managing IT services. Its intuitive ticketing system allows for easy tracking and resolution of issues, while its asset management features help keep track of hardware and software inventory. Detailed reporting capabilities provide insights into team performance and resource utilization.

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Asset management

Customer Service

Reporting and analytics

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Streamline your IT processes with powerful ITSM software. Automate tasks, track assets, and manage incidents with ease.

SysAid offers a comprehensive ITSM solution, providing a centralized platform for all IT needs. Boost productivity with automated workflows and customizable dashboards. Monitor and manage all assets in real-time, and quickly resolve incidents with a user-friendly ticketing system.

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Increased efficiency and productivity

Better communication and collaboration among IT teams

Better visibility into IT operations and performance

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Paid version from $9.00 /month

ITSM software for streamlined operations, asset management, and service desk solutions.

Kamatera offers a comprehensive ITSM software with features such as automated workflows, incident tracking, and asset tracking. The software enables easy ticket management, change management, and problem management. It also provides real-time reports to help monitor performance and optimize service delivery.

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30 Day Free Trial

Great Value for Money

24/7/365 Human Tech Support

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Streamlines IT services with automation, incident management, and customizable workflows.

Nexoid offers an ITSM solution designed to enhance operational efficiencies through advanced automation, detailed incident management, and fully customizable workflows suited for any business size. It focuses on reducing manual tasks and improving service delivery, ensuring a seamless IT service management experience. Its scalable architecture adapts to evolving business needs, making it an ideal platform for organizations aiming to optimize their IT processes.

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Efficiency, Advanced ITSM and ERP solutions, Easy customization, Human

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Streamlines IT service management with robust ticketing, asset tracking, and reporting.

ALVAO IT Service Management optimizes IT operations with advanced features like efficient ticketing systems, comprehensive asset tracking, and detailed reporting tools. Designed to improve service delivery and operational efficiencies, this software supports ITIL best practices and integrates seamlessly with various IT environments.

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MSP software with automated ticketing, remote monitoring and management, and real-time reporting.

NinjaOne streamlines your IT services with automated ticketing, remote monitoring and management, and real-time reporting. Reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction with our MSP software.

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Ease of Setup, Management, and Use

Quality of Relationship

Patch Management

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Paid version from €0.50 /month

Manage user access with ease. Keep your data secure and organized with this Identity & Access Management software.

Youzer offers a centralized platform for managing user access to all your applications. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to add/remove users, set permissions, and monitor activity. With Youzer, you can ensure that your data is secure and organized.

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automatic management of employee onboarding

deactivating the accounts of a party employee

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Streamline IT operations with a powerful ITSM software that automates service requests, incidents and changes.

BMC Helix ITSM allows IT departments to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction by providing a single platform for managing all IT services. Its advanced automation capabilities help reduce manual work and ensure compliance with best practices.

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