Top Social Enterprise Platforms to Promote Collaboration for your Business

Top Social Enterprise Platforms to Promote Collaboration for your Business

By Jana Walsh
Updated: May 20, 2020, first publication: January 2019

Enterprise social software is used by large organizations to improve their collaboration and social networking. Composed of corporate social networks (intranet) as well as other social networking software, it is designed to maximize the productivity, communication, and time-management of a company.

With the use of this software, social connectivity and sharing of data are made easier amongst the employees of the organization, partners, suppliers, and clients. All is encompassed within the one social enterprise platform. With the software being compatible with both computers and portable devices it means that you can access information at your desk or on the go.

Tasked with making a decision on one package amongst such a broad spectrum of software, how might you decide on a program which is complementary to your business? Here in this article appvizer has found the best collaboration software to help you out.

What is an enterprise social network?

ESN: Definition

An enterprise social network functions by facilitating access to information, by integration with social network software which allows contact to be made amongst employees and also with clients, suppliers and partners outside of an organization. Use of an enterprise social network is an innovative form of communication that is being increasingly used on a daily basis by companies all over the world. 

Why are more businesses choosing to adopt this kind of software? 


  • Social sharing and communication 
  • Reduce the need for emails, less clutter 
  • Cloud-based:  ‘drag-and-drop’ features make it simple to share, adjust and update information quickly, easily and from any location
  •  Encourage employees to engage with their tasks: both individual and group discipline 
  • Stronger community: members of the same organization can reach out to one another, share ideas, documents, and tasks and monitor progress
  • Empowers a business, enforces a sense of unity and shows employees their efforts are appreciated and worthwhile for the good of the company

Even the most widespread organizations dealing with the fast-paced world of commerce and a high number of customer demands can maintain seamless and efficient communication across the globe thanks to the use of the best enterprise social networks. In this way, employees and customers alike are happier, better-informed and more loyal. 

Which social enterprise platform is right for you?

Table of comparisons of social enterprise platforms
Software Main Advantage Suited to
eXo Platform 'All-in-one' complete with security features  Suitable for all
Jamespot Customizable All businesses
Jive-n Promoting collaboration and employee satisfaction All organizations
Joincube Decision making and gathering results  Small to large enterprises
Slack Integration with other apps Enterprise of any size
Whaller Organizational features From small-large businesses
Workplace by Facebook No training required Enterprise of any size
Yammer Analytics, surveys, polls, and questions  Suitable for a company of any size 

eXo Platform

Integrate eXo Platform into your business to benefit from the strategic enterprise social collaboration tools that it provides. It is an ‘all-in-one’ enterprise social collaboration platform that is responsible for the management of knowledge, content, and documents as well as communication and social engagement.

EXO Platform Social Software

eXo Platform provides:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Cross-enterprise social network: chat, video conferencing, knowledge management, social intranet, project management, document management, sharing calendars, task management …
  • Connect their employees, customers, and partners in real-time through social collaboration platform
  • Collaborate inside team spaces: create, share and manage content
  • Find and connect with others, socially empower your business
  • Calendars and events, task management
  • Manage knowledge more efficiently
  • Discussion forums, wikis, and search
  • Mobile app
  • Built-in security and access permissions 


Whether you desire to target specific team collaboration requirements for your team or want to ensure optimum individual productivity Jamespot is a social enterprise platform aimed at the organization (intranet, extranet, etc.) and teams (projects, community businesses, etc) alike, that is completely customizable.

Adopting Jamespot for your business means:

  • More than 80 applications
  • Intranet and extranet
  • SaaS platform 
  • Digital workplace
  • Internal communications
  • Project management
  • Help center
  • Participative innovation
  • Collaborative monitoring
  • EDM and Knowledgebase

Thanks to Jamespot collaborating becomes much easier, operational applications faster, and targets reached sooner than expected!


Ranked by Gartner as the leading ESN software available, Jive-n is a social intranet that contains social networking features. Like most Enterprise social software it is designed to promote collaboration, conversation and sharing and management of knowledge.

What does Jive-n include?

  • Microblogging- Social networking
  • Discussion forums; interact with your colleagues from the comfort of your desk
  • Blogs: A way to demonstrate the expertise of your employees
  • Wikis
  • Instant messaging and integration of Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365
  • Video notes: conversations, ideas--> actions and answers
  • Hosted in the cloud or on premises: allows employees to engage in work from anywhere that has internet access

All of its aspects come together to make up one platform. Jive not only increases collaboration, but also employee retention and satisfaction.


Joincube is a social network for companies and organizations, where you can share conversations, tasks, and files with your team online. It is one of the leading Enterprise Social Software which is used by more than 5000 companies to increase their business value.

Joincube Feature

Complete with the following features:

  • A networked company
  • Send instant messages, track tasks, get updates and schedule meetings,
  • All from the same platform, anytime, anywhere
  • Search and organize: find the documents, conversations and key information you need to get a task completed
  • Keep track and analyze workflows, groups, and projects
  • Calendar and Events: Daily, weekly and monthly view 
  • Visualize other coworkers calendars to easily schedule meetings
  • Sync with Google
  • Full mobile support


Slack is responsible for the innovative transformation of the corporate social networking sector, as a corporate social media tool, it has the ability to incorporate all communication networks into the same location. Being cloud-based, it allows increased interaction across any organization.

You will receive all of your notifications in one place and will be able to answer via this same channel, integrates social networking platforms such as Twitter, Asana, Google Hangout, DropBox and many others, thus reducing the number of times you have to switch between communication channels.

Why we like Slack:

  • An efficient search engine allows each member of your team to access information or documents. An archive of messages, notifications, files, and projects, allows you to search for files when it is necessary 
  • ‘Drag-and-drop’ file sharing; Slack’s objective is to eventually replace email with faster methods of communication
  • Designed for use by multiple industries, including media, research, technology, education, financial services, retail, transport, and logistics
  • Public and private channels for messaging
  • Customized notifications and ability to reduce the scope
  • An app available for iOS and Android


Whaller creates a space where you can share all your messages, documents, tasks (and much more!) for free. A social platform that is flexible, it is a secure social network that is adopted by various companies because of its following capabilities:

  • Set the visibility of messages in your spheres: talk to all members or privately
  • Sort and categorize your messages using tags and categories
  • Premium/free trial
  • Calendars
  • ‘Drag-and-drop’ features
  • Synchronization with google drive 
  • Tasks kanban: permits you to sort tasks into three columns depending on their progress status: to do, in progress and finished
  • Analytics: Overview of the network activity complete with statistics and participation levels
  • Reserve your space! Whether that be the meeting room or interactive materials
  • Premium plus comes with maps and teleconference
  • Can be connected with RSS flows for better client contact and satisfaction
Whaller Social Software

Workplace by Facebook

As is to be expected, Workplace by Facebook is very similar to Facebook. Using the same format to enable communication between colleagues means that, for the majority of employees, no prior training is required as most will already use it in their personal lives. This is what makes it stand out on an already hugely competitive market. The only difference is that it is used only as an internal social network for business.

Facebook at Work supports collaboration; allows you to effectively create work or project groups, colleagues can also create:

  • RSS information feeds in order to be notified of all relevant information
  • Events for all colleagues or private events

What has it got to offer?

  • Team messaging and communication app using more up-to-date tools than email.
  • Free version- Standard- you do not get any features that are classed as ‘enterprise’ or 
  • Premium membership which allows you to integrate with third-party storage software (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Nonprofit organizations and educational institutions can get the Premium version for free.
  • Low pricing spectrum
  • Everyone has a profile and a newsfeed, the ability to join groups
  • You can comment on posts
  • Live video streaming
  • Audio and video calls 


Yammer is a private cloud-based enterprise social network platform, suitable for a business of any size it may be used as a standalone product or integrated with Microsoft 365. It comes with a mobile app for Android and iOS enabling employees to work from anywhere, anytime. And if you have any problems you need to solve, you can find answers in the Yammer Community Network.

Other key features of Yammer are

  • Live notifications
  • Enterprise microblogging, private messaging, company directory, archives conversations
  • Business social networking platform that helps companies communicate via many different channels 
  • Large document repository and opportunities for collaborative document creation
  • Small, midsize, and large teams together
  • Platform for brainstorming and intelligent business ideas
  • Analytical tools for managing the information Yammer gathers to carry out reports
  • Capacity to store conversations and to categorize them in a historical database 
  • Knowledge management- ask questions and create surveys and polls

With Yammer, the work environment is better organized, more positive and everything is more up to date.

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