Enterprise Social Networking Software

A Corporate Social Network is a collaborative platform similar to an intranet 2.0, which brings together communities of employees, customers and partners of a company within the same tool to facilitate information sharing and interactions.

List of the Best Enterprise Social Networking Software

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Best Social Networks Software

Social networks software allows individuals and companies to connect with one another to communicate and share data, often in a public forum. In a social network software, users are represented by a profile, and they connect with other users that have similar interests or backgrounds, or who they know in real life. Social network software is typically accessed via web browser or mobile application.

Companies use social networks software for a variety of purposes. It allows them to build and maintain their brand by sharing content or promoting marketing materials. It can also be used for networking, advertising, or even for customer service, among other uses. Companies can use social networks software in congruence with software in one or more of the following categories: social media management, social analytics, social media monitoring, social advertising, and social customer service.

Complementary solutions of social networking

Productivity applications Suite

Document Management (EDM)

File Sharing

Appointment Scheduling

Slide Show Presentation

Task Management

File Transfer

Idea & Innovation Management

Knowledge Management

Virtual Data Room (VDR)


Collaborative Platform