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Whether you want to manage teams or organize personal tasks, collaborative management software is a key tool to boost productivity. It allows you to create tasks, assign them to managers, and schedule deadlines.

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What is a Task Management Software?


Task management software helps employees and their teams manage individual and collective tasks by organizing daily workflows. Task management tools address productivity and collaboration issues by creating to-do lists with start and end dates, listing important items to be completed for each task, breaking down important tasks into subtasks, classifying and grouping tasks by colors, types and categories.

How does it work?

Task management software provides users with a collaborative platform to manage each project. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), it is usually hosted on an external server and requires no technical maintenance. All documents are cloud-stored, and project managers can consult them and classify them according to needs.

What are the main features of a task management software?

Create employee accounts

Efficient team management requires creating profiles for every team member. With a task management software, you can centralize and follow-up information for each person in your team. It also improves time management and task distribution.

Mission Management

Once profiles have been added to a synchronized database, it is important to manage tasks efficiently. The majority of these software includes modules that allow you to assign an employee to a project, set processing times, and view progress according to all of these criteria. Task management is very automated because statistics are visible via the dashboard. It is easy to anticipate possible delays or progress for every project.

Basic features include:

  • Create and assign tasks to collaborators
  • Split tasks into smaller subtasks
  • Set a deadline
  • Track progress
  • Display tasks in your calendar with the due date
  • Let individuals manage their personal tasks
  • Change the statuses of a task (to do, in progress, completed)
  • Focus on a specific mission and not on a project

Advanced features on the best task management software include:

  • Private messages and group chat
  • Document management and sharing
  • Kanban Board
  • Task Merging
  • Mobile Application

Importing and exporting files

Most task management softwares allow you to import or export documents. The software stores them in the Cloud to centralize data.

Why should you use a task management software?


A task management software assists project members in dividing a project into missions and tasks that can be completed within a short time frame. The division also allows tasks to be classified according to their priority. Users generally have the ability to create, update and edit tasks on the go and share them or not with their collaborators. In this case, private tasks remain personal while shared tasks are said to be public.

From a purely personal point of view, a task management software ensures :

  • less procrastination (postpone things to be done today)
  • a prioritization of personal work
  • a boost in productivity
  • clarity of a project


There are few drawbacks to using a task management software:

  • Gantt chart type views are almost never present and yet useful in a "project" view.
  • Deletion of tasks is sometimes too easy: one wrong button and you delete tasks without realizing it
  • Notifications can be intrusive

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