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Idea management, or ideation management, software structures the process of gathering insight on products, then organizing and managing those ideas for the purpose of improvement or development. This feedback comes from employees, customers, and partners, etc., for the explicit purpose of adding the feedback into future products or product releases. Idea management software enables companies to solicit feedback via email,web-based applications, or forms that employ online collaboration channels to discuss the feedback to capture and store ideas. Idea management software is a step-up from the traditional office suggestion box that allows for strategy that enables companies of all sizes to continuously innovate and grow. Idea management software facilitates the full transparency of a company, as anyone who has access to the database can track ideas from inception to implementation. Ideas are collected from all areas of the organization, beyond specialized departments like R&D, product management, and marketing. These products integrate with team collaboration tools to allow users to manage both internal and external-facing feedback.

To qualify for inclusion in the Idea Management category, a product must:

  • Engage customers, employees, stockbrokers, etc., via web-based applications and forms
  • Gather solicited ideas and feedback onto a central database
  • Allow for collaboration, edits, and input on collected feedback
  • Have an organized search functionality within the database to select and reject ideas

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