Don't Miss any more Phone Calls with a Voicemail To Email System

Don't Miss any more Phone Calls with a Voicemail To Email System

By Lucas Brachet
Published: 3/15/23

Missed a call? It’s easy to forget to check your voicemail box, too. And that can be a real problem when it comes to meeting your customers’ and prospects' needs! Here’s where a good voicemail to email feature comes into play.

A voicemail to email feature on your business phone system can be key to being more responsive, flexible, and available to your customers. For this reason, we will also show you how voicemail to email works and how to set it up. Don't forget to check out our guide on VoIP integration if you're struggling to integrate and use voicemail to email.

What Is Voicemail To Email?

Voicemail to email is a useful, time-saving phone system feature included in top VoIP communication programs. It is designed to deliver voicemails directly to your email inbox so you no longer miss any opportunity to interact with customers, leads, and prospects.

Depending on the VoIP system you use, you may receive the voice message as a downloadable audio file or transcribed as a readable version of the recording.

✅ In a nutshell, a good voicemail to email feature helps businesses access and respond to voicemail quickly and easily in order to boost your team’s reliability, responsiveness, and productivity. In just a few clicks!

How Does Voicemail To Email Work?

Now let's take a closer look at how voicemail to email works.

When you set up voicemail to email, your VoIP communication system starts working immediately and sends new voicemail messages directly to your designated email address(es).

👉 Depending on your personal preference and what your provider allows, voicemail to email can take different forms:

  • Audio recording sent to email, with saved recording: You receive an email with the audio file of the new voicemail attached in .wav or .mp3 format. In addition, the voice message is saved in your voicemail box.
  • Audio recording sent to email, with no saved recording: Same as above, except the voicemail message file, is automatically deleted from your voicemail box once you receive it by email.
  • Email only, with no audio file attached: You receive an email informing you that a new voicemail is waiting in your voicemail box. It can include a link to your voicemail recording.

In all three cases, you will receive each voicemail notification as a new email. The email will typically include the time and date your caller left the message as well as their ID information. Some providers also use a web-based interface for you to listen to the recording.

Benefits Of Sending Voicemails To Email

#1 Faster Retrieval

📧 If you are like most American workers, you probably spend a lot of your working day checking your emails, either from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In fact, almost all businesses today use emails as their main communication tool, so it makes perfect sense to send your voicemail to your email inbox.

A voicemail to email feature helps team members retrieve voicemail quickly, without having to jump from one platform to another. They can read message notifications in seconds and quickly be aware of who called when they called, and what they need.

This way, your business email inbox becomes a visual voicemail system, from which team members can either tap to play the audio file or read a transcript of the message. The alternative to this would probably be to:

  • Try not to miss possible voicemail notifications to avoid customer frustration ;
  • See the notification on your phone on time, take the time to call your voicemail box, enter your PIN, wait until an automated voice is done speaking at a very slow pace to listen to your voicemail.

#2 Improved response times

A longer response time can be a real deal breaker for customers, whether they are looking for information or customer support. If you miss their call, they expect you to check your voicemail and call them back in a timely manner. This is part of providing outstanding customer experience, which is key to setting your business apart from competition.

Voicemail to email allows you to access your voicemail very quickly wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. You can either respond straight away or send a voicemail to your team so they can quickly contact customers and prospects.

This feature can also greatly improve response time when your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, as you’ll immediately be notified of new voicemail. You can then either return the call right away, send the email to your team or send a quick email from your phone.

#3 More Context For Call Back

Calling back a customer after a missed call without seeing or checking their voice message can be very awkward. Chances are your customer will feel neglected and frustrated for repeating themselves when they have already taken the time to leave a voice message.

Voicemail to email makes voice messages hard to miss. With this feature, it will only take you a few seconds to check your customer’s voicemail before you call them back knowing what they need. You’ll only have to tap on your audio recording or read the transcription.

Having more context will only help you and your team make your customer feel special, conduct a productive conversation, and improve customer satisfaction. 👏

#4 Improved Team Communication & Workflows

VoIP phone systems allow you to customize your voicemail to email feature so it fits your business needs.

For example, you can select which team or team members can receive voicemail in their email inbox. This ensures that teams or colleagues who share that phone number also receive voicemail messages and can respond accordingly. You won’t have to spend any time forwarding messages to the appropriate team as the system will take care of it for you.

#5 More Mobility

Voicemail to email opens up your mobility. This feature is accessible on smartphones, PCs, and tablets and follows you wherever your email can go. This means you can be stuck in traffic, in the middle of a meeting, or in a noisy street and still be able to listen to or even read your voicemail.

📱In a dynamic and sometimes remote working environment, having tools that help you work efficiently is key. VoIP phone systems give you the mobile agility your business needs to better collaborate and communicate internally as well as externally.

#6 Record Organization

Voicemail can be important records businesses want to keep in their archive. Voicemail to email is a great tool for businesses to store and organize records as it allows them to organize past voicemails in folders, sort them with labels, download them, etc. 🗄️

Having your voicemail and email stored in one place will give your teams quick and easy access to the information they may need. And as most providers include the time and date of the voicemail message, as well as caller ID information in the file name, recordings are easier to sort and filter.

How Can I Send A Voicemail To My Email?

Setting up a voicemail to email feature with a VoIP service is a simple process and you only do it once. All voicemails will then automatically be sent to the email addresses you have associated with your business phone number.

There are all kinds of time-saving voice to email apps available on the market. They provide an easy way to receive and organize your voicemail messages thanks to specific functionalities like:

  • A visual voicemail (Google Voice, YouMail, AT&T Visual Voicemail, T-Mobile Visual Voicemail…) ;
  • A spam call blocker built-in to stop unwanted calls from reaching your phone (Google Voice, YouMail, T-Mobile Visual Voicemail…)
  • Automated transcription of voicemails to text (Google Voice, YouMail, Vxt…)

Extra features can include:

  • Integration with other useful tools like Slack, Zapier, etc (Vxt, among others) ;
  • The ability to search for a particular voicemail without having to listen to it by using a keyword or name (HulloMail, among others) ;
  • The ability to double as an SMS messenger & visual voicemail app (InstaVoice)

Voicemail To Email: Final Thoughts

Voicemail to email is a very simple solution to help your business meet your customers’ and prospects' needs by being as responsive and flexible as possible, and by giving your teams more tools to be more productive and collaborative.

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