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Dedee is historically the first (and the only commercialized since 2014) PC / Mac software in the world of ebook dedication (any ePub, including those locked by DRM). It is also currently the only one in its category, ePub publishers not being autographs *.

A dedececation (ie a Dedee dedication) is authenticated and any attempt to modify it afterwards will be detectable by Dedee. Dedee can autograph anytime (even long after the reader has purchased his ebook) and everywhere (in a living room without connection, at home, on the sidewalk, remotely or visually). Dedee is independent of any online bookstore. Dedee is a license for life by pen name (there is also a publisher mode reserved for marking press services for publishers interested in limiting "leakage" by making each copy available).

You can install Dedee on as many machines as you want (there are no restrictions on this) and each machine can hold multiple licenses for multiple pen names.

The updates are free and automatic (you are alerted to the launch of the software and you click to accept). Upgrades for major changes (there have not been any yet) are at preferential rates for users.

Dedee, just to tell your readers that you love them (any reader is a potential fan who will defend your creation), because a signed ebook becomes unique and personal. A dedication is both a gift and a protection...

* Some notes concerning the difference between the edition of an epub by a publisher such Sigil or Caliber and the dedication by Dedee: 1) Dedee allows a composition (image, photo from a webcam, keyboard text or graphic tablet) , scan and any screenshots made by Dedee himself) on two layers directly in the software. 2) Any text typed on the keyboard becomes an image in the end and is therefore no longer editable simply, even by editing it again in an editor. 3) The dedication of Dedee is time stamped and its origin (including the name of the author) written in full and maintained in several places of the ePub by an algorithm mixing encryption and proprietary steganography (not public). It is thus possible to detect any falsified dedication by submitting the epub to Dedee. 4) The very principle of dedication is to allow someone who has already bought the ebook to get a dedication (ie, after sale rather than before). This ebook (ePub format) can obviously be locked by DRM at the time the reader wants his dedication ... Thus, Dedee also allows to dedicate an epub under DRM without corrupting the validity of this protection (no software, no editor, neither Caliber, nor any other one does this so far, since I'm not talking about blowing up the DRM, but to modify without breaking, legally). So much for the main points! Dedicating an epub is much different from just editing it (although obviously it was a practical fallback when nothing else existed).

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Dedee - Dedee 1.0 Tour by Eric Lequien (author of Dedee)
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Dedee: its rates and features

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