software background7 financial services CRM Solutions to Maximize Your Sales Performance

7 financial services CRM Solutions to Maximize Your Sales Performance

By Lucas BrachetPublished: 2/28/23

Today, financial services CRM solutions are an invaluable tool for sales and customer care teams in the financial services sector. As building relationships with customers is paramount in baking, a solid CRM software can help maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing valuable insights into your clients' behaviors and preferences, enabling your teams to better streamline and manage relationships across the customer lifecycle.

With so many CRM software tools on the market, however, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your financial services business. This article will provide an overview of the top 7 CRM solutions for financial service organizations to provide a solid place to start.

Salesforce as financial services CRM

Salesforce Logo Financial services CRM© Salesforce

Salescloud is a popular CRM software, providing solutions for retail, corporate and investment financial services as well as mortgage and lending operations. With its wide range of features, Salesforce can help sales and customer success teams make the most out of their client relationships.


The pros of using Salesforce in financial services are easy to spot:

  • it integrates with financial services-specific applications
  • it allows for quick retrieval of customer information
  • it helps teams collaborate more efficiently
  • it offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the interface to fit the needs of your financial services workflows and business model.


Implementation can be time-consuming and cost-intensive, and it can be difficult to integrate with legacy systems. Additionally, given that financial services-specific features may have already been built into existing financial services software, investing in Salesforce could prove inefficient for certain businesses.

Key features:

Key features of Salesforce include:

  • an AI-driven interface
  • a deep understanding of financial services regulations and protocols
  • user-friendly customization tools
  • advanced analytics capabilities
  • mobile access
  • tools to efficiently organize contacts, manage customer transactions, track progress, store documents, automate processes
  • functions to generate insights

HubSpot financial services CRM

Hubspot logo Financial Services CRM© HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform that provides a wealth of features which make it easy to manage client relationships in your financial services business from any location. It provides efficient solutions for financial services organizations of all sizes, from FinTech startups to large financial institutions.


HubSpot’s financial services CRM key advantages include:

  • simplification of financial services workflows
  • streamlining of communication between departments and customers
  • insights in real time
  • tools that facilitate customer transactions across all touchpoints
  • its integration with a variety of financial services software programs, allowing teams to customize their financial services processes and use data from any location.


The main drawbacks of HubSpot as a financial services CRM might be its cost and complexity. Additionally, you should plan in some extra time for onboarding and training, in order for your teams to fully utilize HubSpot's extensive features as financial services CRM.

Key Features:

The key features making HubSpot CRM a solid choice for financial services businesses include:

  • sales force automation
  • data analytics
  • customer segmentation and targeting
  • performance tracking and reporting
  • automated emails
  • lead scoring and nurturing
  • mobile access
  • reports and real-time KPI tracking

SugarCRM for financial services Businesses

Sugarcrm logo Financial services CRM© Sugarcrm

SugarCRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) solution that meets the complex needs of financial services organizations. With its comprehensive suite of features, SugarCRM helps financial service businesses manage customer relationships and optimize their financial services processes.


The key advantages of SugarCRM’s financial services CRM solution are:

  • the integration with existing data sources, ensuring that financial services businesses can easily protect and grow their customer bases while reducing overall costs.
  • easy analysis of customer data to gain insights into their financial services customers and create strategies to better serve them in order to maximize profits.


Some users have reported that they find some of SugarCRM’s financial services-focused features difficult to use initially due to its complexity. Additionally, SugarCRM may not be the best choice for small or startup companies, as its financial services-specific features seem to be more geared towards larger financial institutions.

Key Features:

The most important core features of SugarCRM are:

  • its open architecture for data integration with legacy systems or third party software
  • flexible deployment options, allowing financial services firms to leverage the latest financial services technologies and maximize their revenue, account servicing and renewals. 

+200 reviews

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Zoho CRM for financial services:

Zohocrm logo Financial services CRM© Zohocrm

Zoho CRM is another solution worth considering for businesses in the financial services sector. It helps financial institutions streamline their customer relationship management systems, giving sales and customer success teams more time to focus on other core tasks. It also supports customer retention by identifying upselling opportunities.


Zoho CRM provides financial services businesses with a number of key advantages:

  • reducing errors due to automation (e.g. loan approval processes)
  • optimizing upsell opportunities
  • saving time and expenses by streamlining customer lifecycle processes.


Some financial services professionals may not find the user interface intuitive enough. Additionally, Zoho is not the most comprehensive financial services CRM solution on the market and may not have all the features financial services teams need for their business operations.

Key Features:

Zoho's range of financial services CRM features includes:

  • automation of mundane tasks
  • error-free processing of data such as KYC
  • customer segmentation functionalities
  • comprehensive customer data insights and analytics
Zoho CRM

+200 reviews

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 as financial services CRM

Microsoft Dynamices logo Financial Services CRM© Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a financial services CRM solution that’s gaining traction in the financial services sector. Its comprehensive suite of features enables financial services managers to quickly and easily manage customer relationships, build better customer loyalty, and improve sales performance. With its easy-to-use customization options, financial services managers can tailor the system to meet their specific needs and create workflows that are optimized for financial services operations.


The major advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for financial services are:

  • its potential to increase customer engagement and satisfaction by providing location-independent, 24/7 access to financial services services.
  • the flexibility to expand operations across different platforms
  • faster customer request processing to increase response time


On the other hand, Dynamics 365 also has some drawbacks. For example, it’s relatively expensive compared to other CRM solutions on the market, and many businesses find that the customization options are limited. It also requires extensive training for users to get up to speed.

Key Features:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • integrates financial services information from multiple systems
  • enables financial services institutions to gain real-time insights into customer behavior and financial services activities.
  • allows financial services teams to generate detailed reports and analytics to assess customer behavior, identify financial services trends, and make adjustments to their financial services strategies in line with financial services regulations and customer demand.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Freshsales financial services CRM

Freshsales Logo Financial Services CRM© Freshsales

When it comes to choosing a CRM for financial services, Freshsales is definitely worth considering. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage customer relationships, and its comprehensive suite of features make it a strong choice for managing sales in the financial services sector.


Pros include

  • its ability to automate workflows to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and help banks meet customer needs quickly
  • robust reporting capabilities, which enable sales teams to gain insights into customer preferences and buying behavior for more accurate customer segmentation and service customization


On the downside, Freshsales can be a bit limited in terms of customizability for larger organizations. Additionally, it is not well-suited for predictive analytics, which may be a deterrent for some financial institutions.

Key Features:

The top features of Freshsales CRM for financial services include:

  • real-time analytics
  • lead capture and management
  • automated sales processes
  • customer segmentation
  • tracking of customer interactions across multiple channels to gain insights into customer preferences and buying behavior.

+200 reviews

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Monday CRM for financial services logo Financial services CRM© is a powerful CRM to support organizations in the financial services and financial services sector. With customizable boards, automated workflows, and a mobile app that allows users to access their data in real-time, it provides financial services professionals with the tools they need to connect more intimately with customers, foster better internal data cohesion, and streamline operations.


Monday CRM key advantages include:

  • a highly visual and comprehensive CRM template, which makes it easy for financial services teams to quickly and accurately visualize their data to improve individual workflows
  • instant data sharing between teams
  • customizable boards to match individual needs


Monday may be too complex for smaller businesses and organizations due to its advanced features. It also requires users to invest in staff training, as well as additional investment in software upgrades. Additionally, the cost of monthly subscriptions might exceed the budget of smaller businesses.

Key Features:

The key features of Monday consist of:

  • real-time tracking of customer activities
  • customized communication channels
  • detailed customer profiling
  • dashboards for tracking financial services performance
  • calendars for managing events and tasks
  • a world clock module providing financial services reps with an instant view of the time in their clients’ locations
  • analytics to deep-dive into customer behavior and trends
  • a mobile app for keeping financial services teams connected on the go

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Conclusion: Finding the Right financial services CRM for Your Business Needs

When it comes to choosing the right financial services CRM, each of these solutions has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding on one, it's important to consider your business's individual requirements carefully in order to make an informed decision. Ultimately, the best CRM solution is the one that best meets the specific needs of your organization and the workflows of your sales reps, account executives, and customer success teams.

Most importantly, take some time to explore the features of different CRM solutions within the context of a live demo before narrowing your choice. Doing so will give you a direct insight into how each financial services CRM can help you improve customer relationships and increase overall productivity. Good luck!

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