“Common Sense Isn’t So Common”: So, use these 4 common-sense cybersecurity tips to protect your business

“Common Sense Isn’t So Common”: So, use these 4 common-sense cybersecurity tips to protect your business

By Nicholas Barone
Published: 5/10/22

Although it may seem like everybody these days is talking about cybersecurity, protecting yourself and your business against cyber threats has been of growing concern for a while now. However, recent events, most notably the war in Ukraine and the rising number of Russian cyberattacks, has everybody thinking about it again. 

But, what most alarmist news reports neglect to tell you is how to protect yourself against any potential cyberattack. Well, in this article we’re going to change that by giving you some easy tips to follow on how you can protect yourself and your most important infrastructure from hackers. 

Protect Against Risks 

As promised, here are some easy-to-implement tips that can go a long way in protecting your organization: 

Establish a set of best practices

While this may seem fairly straightforward, you’d be surprised about how many businesses don’t have any cybersecurity standards. But it’s an easy thing to change! You could start by implementing things like: 

  • Avoid suspicious emails or messages that may be attempting to phish 
  • Verify that you’ve installed the latest version of your operating system
  • Don’t use the same password across multiple websites 
  • Continuously back up your data

💡 In case of any doubt, the US Department of Labor has an extensive and thorough list of cybersecurity best practices directly on their website. 


Although the best practices do go a long way to protect your organization, things happen. In case of the worst scenario, you should invest in a cyber liability insurance plan. Even though most insurance plans just cover the financial fallout of an attack, there are still more easy steps you can take to cover the rest…

Employee Training 

Listen, we get it. We’re all human, things happen. It’s understandable if employees forget some of the best practices and mess up, after all, 9 out of 10 breaches are a result of human error, according to the ICO. But what’s not understandable is not reminding and training your employees in everything to do with cybersecurity. 

This can be as easy as scheduling quarterly or monthly training sessions to teach employees the basics of cybersecurity and best practices. 

Third-Party Audit 

If you’re ever in doubt about the solidity of your cybersecurity system, you can always hire an agency to conduct a security audit. Just having an outside perspective to point out holes in your security system may go a long way in bolstering your defense. 

Common Sense Measures

While the technicals of cybersecurity are complicated and sometimes unpenetrable for somebody who’s not in IT, the measures we laid out are not. Just taking these four steps we’ll go a long way in securing your most critical infrastructure and data. Don’t take the risk, take these four steps. 

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