Just In! The top news of the web - Week 11

Just In! The top news of the web - Week 11

By Nguyen Oanh
Published: 3/18/22

What should you take away from the news this week? In this episode, we’re going to discover: the 10 minutes video of TikTok, “No code" for AI, the problem of HR managers in the Great Resignation, accounting implications of the Ukraine crisis, and many more.

Let's jump right into it now!


📱 TikTok Confirms that 10 Minute Video Uploads are Coming to All Users

The famous video platform TikTok has confirmed that its users can now make 10 minutes videos. Users become more engaged with long clips. This decision has also an impact on the creators as they can generate revenue via longer clips just like what they are doing on Youtube. Discover what you can benefit from it now in this article!

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💻 ‘No Code’ Brings the Power of A.I. to the Masses

AI becomes more real and has the capability to solve everyday problems. The increase of new technology allows anyone to easily integrate artificial intelligence into their daily life without having knowledge of computer code. Scientists believe that the “no-code” movement will become a game-changer in AI development. Discover more details on The New York Times!

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💡 Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla aim for a more consistent web

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are working on web design technologies to make them more consistent no matter which browser a user relies on. The aim is to create a web standard that can work on different devices, platforms, and operating systems. What can we expect from this? Read the article to discover more!

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🌐 Denmark is the most connected country in the world, Burundi the least

There are 169 countries that have access to the Internet until 2021. According to the report of the comparison service Broadband Choices on these 169 countries, Denmark is on

the top of the list and Burundi is at the bottom. The United States and the United Kingdom are in the 3rd and the 6th position.

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🗞 The Great Resignation has 53% of HR pros burned out

The Great Resignation is when the employees think about changing their careers. This also concerns their employers because they will lose talent and have to find suitable replacements. Discover why and how this situation is affecting HR managers in most companies.

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💰 Tech-based HR startup exceeds pre-seed funding goal by $250K

According to Tampa Bay Ventures, Seedfunders, and New York Angels, the talent marketplace for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry has successfully raised $700,000 in pre-seed funding round, exceeding its goal by $250,000. Discover more details in this article!

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📌 Accounting Implications of the Ukraine crisis

The Ukraine crisis has had a significant impact on the economy of many countries. Faced with this situation, IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER (FER), and Swiss CO (CO) have answered the key accounting questions of most companies impacted. Are the implications of the war and the related events adjusting or non-adjusting events? Is it possible to use hindsight when preparing the 2021 financial statements? What disclosures might be required? All the answers are in this article!

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