news backgroundJust In! The top news of the web - Week 25

Just In! The top news of the web - Week 25

By Gabriel Birky Pohirieth
Published: 6/24/22

What should you take away from the news this week?

In this episode, we’re going to find out more about: new creative marketing ventures, event competition in the advertising industry, blockchain tech and pay transparency in HR, tech executive concerns over cybersecurity, a new open-source language model, accounting in the metaverse, startups hiding performance through accounting, (the wave of crypto in UK firms, industry statistics) and more.

Let’s jump into it now!


🚀 New Ryan Reynolds Venture to Increase Diversity in Marketing

Well-known actor Ryan Reynolds has begun collaborating with Deloitte consultants to make creative marketing careers more accessible. This venture encourages people from underrepresented communities through a Creative Leadership Conference and a six-month Leadership Academy. Discover more about the new venture called Creative Ladder, in this article!

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⚡ Cannes Lions Has Company: Concurrent VidCon, NFT.NYC Events Compete for Marketers’ Attention

With three large events happening at the same time, marketers are prioritizing which ad-industry event fits best for today’s marketing needs. We’re now seeing shifting trends in marketing as the focus rises on video creators, influencers, NFTs, and Web3 technology. Find out more about these events in the article!

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As blockchain technology usage rises in various industries, HR may be its next destination. Blockchain tech is considered the basis for protecting cryptocurrency and some companies are already adopting the technology for HR. Learn how HR can use this technology for security, recruitment, payroll, contracting, and compliance in this article!

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💸 Pay transparency | 1 in 4 won't apply for a job without knowing the salary

After the great resignation, tax increases, and the desire for more work benefits, the demand for transparency is also becoming an important priority. According to Hays’ Quarterly Insights Survey, 26% of employees won’t consider roles that don’t list the salary. Discover more in the article.

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🛡️ Tech executives urge government to share cyber threat intel

Tech leaders have testified to the U.S. government that more coordination is necessary between public and private sectors to identify security threats coming from emerging tech such as AI or quantum computing. Find out more about the extent of cybercrime and the concerns of tech executives in the article.

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🗣️ Open-source language AI challenges big tech's models

A collaboration between 1,000 largely academic volunteers have released an early version of a new open-source language model called BLOOM. The multilingual model is meant to reduce harmful outputs of AI language systems and rival large-scale models from Google and OpenAI. Learn more about BLOOM’s purpose and how it works in the article!

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🤝 KPMG opens collaboration hub in the metaverse

The multinational professional service network and accounting organization KPMG has created a metaverse collaboration hub for employees, clients, and communities. Their U.S. and Canadian firms imagine a virtual office space for avatars to connect and engage through virtual meetings and training. Discover more about this virtual collaboration space in the article.

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⚙️ We’re entering an era of, um, creative accounting in startups

Are startup companies hiding their true financial health with “creative math”? This article contains a podcast with Haje Jan Kamps, a former founder, and venture capitalist, as they talk about “How might companies use math in the coming months to make our lives harder, and complicate their finances, aka the truth?” Give the podcast a listen in this article for more information!

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