Just In! The top news of the web - Week 5

Just In! The top news of the web - Week 5

By Nguyen Oanh
Published: 2/4/22

What should you take away from the news this week? In this episode, we’re going to discover: the future 6G networks, recruit tech platform - the game-changer in the hiring process, new HR technology virtual conference, new financial accounting concept statements in 2022 by FASB, and many more.

Let’s get right into it now!


📈 Global Location Based Advertising (LBA) Market to Reach US$133 Billion by the Year 2026

According to the report "Global Location-Based Advertising (LBA) Industry”, the global location-based advertising market is expected to grow remarkably by 2026. And this is fundamental for a new type of advertising called mobile advertising with location-based services.

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🌐 5G Advanced to act as stepping stone for future 6G networks

Research surrounding 6G communications networks is still in the early stages, where engineers from industry and academia are assessing what the vision and targets for this future technology might be. What speeds should be reached? Will future networks integrate artificial intelligence? What kind of frequencies will be used? Everything is still on the table.

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💻 Recruit’s tech platforms are reimagining the hiring process

The latest trend of 2022 is the automation of recruitment processes. In recent years, we have heard a lot about digitalization. Companies are implementing new tools such as technology platforms that automate many recruitment tasks.

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🗓 Defining & Driving a Culture of Purpose: HR Technology Conference & Exposition® Virtual Returns This March

Organized by HR Tech, the industry’s leading event for more than 20 years, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® will be held in its popular virtual format from March 1-4, 2022. Discover all the event information in the article!

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🔎 HR Tech Takes Center Stage in Addressing Work Challenges

Faced with the increased need for talent and the need to deploy an effective employee retention policy, companies must redouble their initiatives to implement an attractive strategy worthy of the operational challenges they face. Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to revolutionize recruitment.

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📃 FASB issues 2 new financial accounting concept statements

FASB Concepts Statement No. 8, Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting/ Chapter 4, Elements of Financial Statements, and FASB Concepts Statement No. 8, Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting/ Chapter 7, Presentation, are 2 new financial accounting concepts statements provided by FASB. Discover all the details in the article!

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🗞 IRS to accept 2021 tax returns starting Jan. 24

The IRS will begin accepting and processing 2021 tax returns from 24th January. Furthermore, companies are encouraged to file their tax returns electronically rather than using the paper format. Discover all the new tax regulation details in the article.

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