DevelopWeek Cloud - Shaping the Future One Program at a Time

DevelopWeek Cloud - Shaping the Future One Program at a Time

By Nicholas Barone
Published: 5/10/22

Are you a cloud developer or engineer? How about an IT manager or employee in a cloud-computing company? Well, if you are then you should strongly consider attending this year’s DeveloperWeek Cloud conference from September 7-14, with an in-person option in Austin, Texas, or a virtual event. 

8 Tracks, 8 Possibilities 

At the DevelopWeek Cloud conference, you’ll be able to decide what kind of things you want to learn about and follow eight possible different tracks, among those being:

  • DevOps Summit: For Cloud DevOps engineers, DevOps managers, and dev professionals looking to stay up to date on all the latest innovations in the field 
  • Future of Cloud Native Computing: Get a glimpse into the newest technologies, best practices, architectures, and success stories for cloud computing. 
  • Artificial Intelligence and ML in the Cloud: Attend thought leadership talks and impactful workshops on the latest innovations in artificial intelligence in the cloud 
  • Microservices Architecture and Deployment: Participate in discussions about moving away from a monolithic architecture and towards a more decentralized, microservice architecture 
  • Containers and Kubernetes Lifecycle: Learn from industry leaders about containers and Kubernetes best practices and future insights 
  • Full Stack Cloud Security: Learn about the newest service-based and security technologies 
  • Cloud Innovation: Discover the kinds of trends and technologies that are fueling overall cloud development 
  • Edge Computing: Learn the basics of edge computing, including the internet of things, smart cars, and mobile computing 

If that didn’t get you hyped, you’ll be happy to know that among the speakers there, there will be people from industry-leading companies such as:

  • Microsoft
  • Deloitte Digital 
  • Uber
  • Google


There are two options for tickets: 

  • The PRO Pass: Includes live & virtual access to PRO Sessions, Keynotes, OPEN Talks, 2-day Live & Virtual Expo, 1:1 (topic-focused) Networking, and Evening Events. Tickets are currently priced at $200, as of May 16th, prices will increase on May 25th. 
  • The PREMIUM Pass: ALL ACCESS  PASS. Includes Live & virtual access to ALLDeveloperWeek  Sessions and Technical Workshops, DevLead Conference, Javascript Summit, VIP Networking Lounge, 2-Day Lunch Reception, VIP Party, 2-day Exhibition Hall Access, Keynotes, OPEN Talks, Evening Events, and Networking App Access. Tickets are currently priced at $325, as of May 16th, prices will increase on May 25th. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Turbo-charge your cloud computing business or idea with expert advice, only available at an event like this!

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