HR: in summary HR is a versatile and easy-to-use platform, designed to optimize all HR processes. The platform enables HR managers and directors to create tailored solutions for all team needs.

It provides essential tools for managing recruitment, onboarding new employees, and deploying automated processes to enhance efficiency.

Integrated analytics tools enhance decision-making, positioning as an essential tool for HR teams.

The 5 Most Useful Features of HR

The platform helps your teams to work in a single workspace.

More than just dashboards, tracking progress and milestones, as well as various overviews, also offers:

Recruitment Pipelines

With the big picture and a clear view of each step, follow your recruiting process at a glance. It helps you make better, smarter decisions about how you manage your hires.

Integration Process

Successfully integrating a new employee is an essential step, as it also improves the retention rate.

Onboard newcomers better and faster by adopting the proposed models to your existing integration processes.

Annual Plan of Activities

Motivation and good humor are essential to keep your employees and hire new ones.

Set up motivational activities, create an annual plan, and collect reviews for each one with

Management of Leave Requests

Your employees can submit their leave requests directly on the platform, you will then receive a notification and then a reminder to accept the requests.

This allows you to approve these leave requests more quickly and easily.

Management of performance reviews

Performance reviews are an essential part of developing opportunities for both the company and the employees.

With, easily manage the review process by tracking meetings that have taken place and their results.

Its benefits

Complete centralization of HR processes

Seamless collaboration and communication

Broad integration capabilities

Automation of routine tasks

Certifications:GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018

Its disadvantages

Initial learning curve for new users

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Appvizer's opinion

The HR platform distinguishes itself for its adaptability and effective response to the diverse needs of our HR department. Its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface integrates seamlessly with our existing tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Drive. Since everything is centralized in a single platform, all of our HR processes are simpler to monitor. We spend less time switching between different software and complete our tasks more quickly.

Tracking the recruitment process and automatic reminders have positively impacted our time management. We know exactly where we are and where we're headed. Additionally, the responsive customer service and regular software updates ensure that the platform evolves based on user feedback, continually improving the overall experience, and we really appreciate that point.

Overall, HR allows us to optimize all our HR processes, enhancing the experience for our users, our team members, and our potential new hires. HR - Video
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You will find different pricing plans, each one tailored to your needs:

  • Basic Plan at $10 per seat and per month,
  • Standard Plan at $13 per seat and per month,
  • Pro Plan at $20 per seat and per month,
  • Enterprise Plan, available on quotation, is perfect for getting exclusive features for your organization.

As of April 2024.

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Clients alternatives to HR HR: the complete test

Through our thorough testing of HR, we've been able to streamline all our HR processes—from recruitment and onboarding to employee management and development.

This allowed us to focus on high-priority tasks, leaving lower-value activities to the platform and its automation features.

We've particularly appreciated three main features:

Recruitment and Onboarding Management excels in simplifying the recruitment and onboarding stages.

We've leveraged this in practical applications, allowing us to visualize each step of the recruitment process—from receiving resumes to conducting final interviews—through customizable dashboards. At a glance, we can precisely track the progress of our recruitment process and know exactly what the next steps are. This clarity is invaluable for scheduling interviews and benefiting from automation in our communications with candidates.

After recruitment comes onboarding, and has shined in how it allows us to simplify the integration of new hires.

Thanks to adaptable templates, we can tailor this phase to our specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration for our new employees. We've been able to quickly incorporate the newcomers into our payroll system and wrap up all tedious administrative tasks. Organizing introductory meetings and training sessions has been straightforward, helping new members to feel welcomed and well-oriented.

Advanced Tracking and Management of Employee Lifecycle

This feature is a true asset for human resource management. enables us to perform precise tracking of our employees' lifecycles.

We can manage leave requests simply and effectively; employees submit their applications directly through the app, and with just a few clicks, we have all the necessary information at our fingertips to approve the requests. We've moved away from email exchanges, and everyone is much more satisfied with this streamlined process.

Additionally, we've benefited from other functionalities:

  • performance reviews, whether annual or quarterly,
  • training programs,
  • monitoring of employee benefits,
  • managing resignations, etc.

The platform provides all the tools necessary to plan and monitor these elements, which simplifies our resource management. We can tailor each stage to the individual needs of employees, ensuring they progress both professionally and personally while feeling valued and recognized.

For a company looking to optimize retention rates, we are satisfied with all these management features.

Integration with Everyday Tools

Integrating with tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and LinkedIn has transformed how our teams interact and manage information.

By integrating the app with Teams, we've significantly improved our internal communication. It's centralized, facilitating our resource management, request tracking, and issue resolution. We can discuss in real-time without any hassle while keeping an eye on our HR data. Our employees have also appreciated this level of integration, feeling more listened to and benefiting from our responsiveness.

The integration with Google Drive offers transparent document management. We collaborate more straightforwardly across the company, regardless of department, and even within HR.

LinkedIn integration plays a crucial role in recruitment. We've optimized our recruitment process, especially regarding the posting of our vacancies and interactions with candidates. Those applying directly from LinkedIn automatically transfer their information to our platform, optimizing talent acquisition and the verification of candidates' backgrounds directly through the interface.

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