Chilli: Find the best software for your SME

Choosing the right software can greatly increase the efficiency of your business. But how to know where to start and with the 10,000+ existing software on the market.
That's why we created Chilli. We help SMEs / ETIs to increase their productivity and organization.

3 steps and a week to get into the action!

1: Discovery: 10 min questions / answers via our online formd

  • Understand your business challenges
  • Understand who are your consurrents to inspire you with their digital practices
  • Customize your upcoming coaching sessions

2: Coaching: 1 hour appointment with your coach Chilli

  • Evaluate your digital maturity
  • Prioritize processes to digitize specify your functional needs
  • Identify the most relevant software partners

3: Action: 1 week to activate our ecosystem

  • Plan the exchanges with the proposed softwares
  • Confirm the relevance of the selected solutions
  • Enter the action!

Our team of Chilli coaches is available to help you on a daily basis. Benefit from an expert in cloud software dedicated to your company, ready to guide you in your journey and your reflecions.

More than 100 SMEs and mid-market companies accompanied by Chilli.

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Strengths of Chilli

  • Certifications: GDPR

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Le service de Chilli est 100% gratuit pour les PME.

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