Chilli: Find the best software for your SME

Choosing the right software can greatly increase the efficiency of your business. But how to know where to start and with the 10,000+ existing software on the market.
That's why we created Chilli. We help SMEs / ETIs to increase their productivity and organization.

3 steps and a week to get into the action!

1: Discovery: 10 min questions / answers via our online formd

  • Understand your business challenges
  • Understand who are your consurrents to inspire you with their digital practices
  • Customize your upcoming coaching sessions

2: Coaching: 1 hour appointment with your coach Chilli

  • Evaluate your digital maturity
  • Prioritize processes to digitize specify your functional needs
  • Identify the most relevant software partners

3: Action: 1 week to activate our ecosystem

  • Plan the exchanges with the proposed softwares
  • Confirm the relevance of the selected solutions
  • Enter the action!

Our team of Chilli coaches is available to help you on a daily basis. Benefit from an expert in cloud software dedicated to your company, ready to guide you in your journey and your reflecions.

More than 100 SMEs and mid-market companies accompanied by Chilli.

Editor: hellochilli

Strengths of Chilli

  • Certifications: GDPR

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Le service de Chilli est 100% gratuit pour les PME.


Next generation HRIS for SMEs
HrmsAttendance TrackingWorkforce ManagementHoliday Management

Azuneed SIRH

The HR software dedicated to small business
HrmsEmployee WellnessWorkforce Management


Optimize and automate your recruitment process
RecruitingHrmsSoftware VendorAtsTalent Management

Bizneo HR

Level up your HR game
HrmsDocument Management SystemWorkforce ManagementTraining

SIRH Eurécia

Save time on HR management
HrmsEmployee WellnessHr Data ManagementWorkforce Management


Help companies spend smarter
Expense ManagementHrmsSoftware VendorBusiness cardPayment ProcessingBanking & FinancialAccountant

Azuneed RH - Dossier Salariés

Logiciels de suivi du dossier du personnel et documents RH
HrmsWorkforce Management


Train and onboard employees on Cloud App
Education & eLearningHrmsLmsEmployee Engagement

Eurécia Congés & Absences

Spend 50% less time on leave management
Holiday ManagementAttendance Tracking

Eurécia Temps & Activités

Save time on timesheet management
Time TrackingPlanningAttendance Tracking

Azuneed RH - Gestion des temps

Logiciel de saisie des temps et de compte-rendu d'activités
Time TrackingTime ClockAttendance TrackingSoftware IntegratorDesign OfficeConsulting

Lemon Learning

Accelerate software adoption
Education & eLearningLmsSoftware IntegratorEmployee EngagementTraining