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Night shift, travel, overtime... Timesheet Software allows Human Resources Departments to monitor the daily attendance and absence of your employees for any organizational mode or work cycle.

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What is timesheet software?


In your company today, it is possible that almost every employee has their own working hours? Timesheet software helps you to monitor and organize working time in your company:

  • manage full-time, part-time, daily, flexible and annual employees
  • manage night schedules, teams, on the move, work cycles
  • manage overtime and excess hours, time off

Time tracking tools allow you to track your employees' working time in accordance with current regulatory constraints:

  • Joint and company agreements
  • Different types of contracts: fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts, internship agreements, temporary workers, etc.
  • Different public and private statutes

How does it work?

Timesheet solutions allow you to accurately track the working time of each of your employees. You have an online interface to view each employee's attendance times and manage times by activity.

These times are automatically calculated by the tool:

  • From time sheets completed by employees
  • From the data on your time clock
  • From an intranet badge or smartphone clocking

Your employees have an online interface to enter their working hours to send to their manager, consult the total number of hours worked, and view the recovery counter.

You have an administrator interface to manage your payroll:

  • View and approve your teams' timesheets
  • Monitor the time cost trend of each project
  • View in real time the employees present, absent, late, etc.

Time tracking tools can be configured and integrated into your HR information system (HRIS) to automate the edition of pay slips, manage schedules, leave requests, etc.

Synchronized with your accounting tool (or via a simple export), you automate the recording of accounting entries and the payment of salaries.

What are the Main Features of a Timesheet Software?

Time management by employees

The time management tool centralizes and formalizes the time spent by each employee at the workplace. Each employee is registered in the tool and is characterized by the information of his employment contract: contract, volume of work, hours, etc.

The tool collects daily working hours (in and out), breaks and absences. The tool automatically retrieves the information from your badge reader. Manually, your employees can complete time sheets and send them to you:

  • Indicating arrival and departure times
  • Breakdown of their day: indicating the time spent for each activity

The tool calculates the overtime, additional hours, etc., performed by your teams. The software has a time counter that calculates (in real time) for each employee the number of RTTs, remaining paid holidays, recovery days, night hours worked, public holidays worked and the amount of the CET.

In the event of an anomaly (delay, forgetfulness of score, unexpected absence, early departure, etc.) you are automatically notified.

Your employees have an online or mobile interface on which they can follow their schedule, enter their time, request leave (automatically transmitted to the supervisor), observe the balance of the recovery counter, etc.

Human Resources Management

Your interface allows you to obtain real-time reporting of each employee's working time.

Advanced analytical features (cross sorting, Gantt) allow you to track time by activity, project, customer, etc., and calculate the cost of your payroll. This can greatly simplify your invoicing processes and cost accounting. It can also serve as a basis for the development of an optimized and realistic future-oriented planning.

Customizable dashboards allow you to analyze your payroll performance and measure trends:

  • Measure the rate of absence by gender, age, service
  • Identify odd conditions: services with frequent delays, etc.

Who Uses Timesheet Software?

Timesheet tools are useful for all organizations (companies, associations, hospitals, communities, public bodies, etc.) in all sectors of activity: industry, retail, public service, hotels, etc.

Internally, they are transversal to all functions:

  • Employees who record their working hours
  • Managers who use them to manage staff
  • The HR managers who motivates them to carry out strategic HR management

They are also of interest to internal management controllers who calculate the cost of a product or project. 

Why Use Timesheet Software in Your Company? 

Timesheet solutions are useful to obtain an indisputable tracking of the attendance times of each individual. However, these tools have some disadvantages.


  • Transparency and traceability of each employee's working time, monitored by activity
  • Automation of HR processes: printing of electronic pay slips (and social declarations), calculation of overtime, night hours, etc.
  • Calculation of the cost center related to the payroll
  • Compliance with legislation and automatic notification in case of anomalies
  • Compatibility with HRIS, accounting and payroll tools used internally
  • Strategic management tools by anticipating schedules, budget monitoring (planned and completed)


  • Activity-based time recording can be difficult for employees
  • False anomalies due to small delays (one, two minutes) can flood the messaging systems of human resources managers
  • Employees may feel like they are being overwhelmed

How to Choose a Timesheet Software?

Tools for SMEs are flexible and versatile. They are similar to small modular HRIS that include not only time tracking, but also leave management, planning, payroll data processing, etc.

Tools for large companies and public institutions are more specific. They focus on time and activity management and offer more complex functionalities: automatic scheduling under constraints, for example.

These management solutions are available on PC, smartphone or tablet.

Available in SaaS, you do not have to manage maintenance and updates.

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