SocialJsIdeas: in summary

SocialJsIdeas is a crowdsourcing collaborative solution to mind map your ideas and innovateInnovate faster with our ideas management software.

Innovate with our IdeaManagement Tool

SocialJsIdeas allows you to set up a creative process of production, development and communication of new ideas to improve your product or service or to create new ones.

SocialJsIdeas give a unique opportunity to solve your business issues collectively, generate new powerful ideas and opportunities make your operational teams, partners and customers participate in online collaborative brainstorming sessions and contribute in raising strategic and innovative ideas to empower your long-terms business success.

How does it work?

4 steps: 

  • Collect Ideas

Give your community participants a playful fast and easy-to-use interface based-on thumbnails format (text, photos, pictures, videos) allowing them within few minutes to launch and share their ideas, publish feedback from the field.

  • Collective Brainstorm

Develop and enhance your products and services through your users and customers feedback. Benefit from the collective intelligence, and take advantage of external expertise and experienced contributors outside of your business to achieve your goals faster.

  • Map your Ideas

A playful and user-friendly interface to mind map, organize and prioritize collected ideas. Regroup ideas around “ideas trees”. Increase your performance and free your innovation potential using modern digital tools

  • Engage with your communities

Increase your audiences and employee’s engagement. Assess and analyze all area of business performance with your community by asking for ideas to emerge. Crowdsource and benefit from the feedbacks of your employees, customers, consumers or administrators. Animate your partners networks

Why manage your innovation process with SocialJsIdeas?

Within a company, the collective intelligence dynamics makes it possible to co-design successful business models and new ways of business. Not only employees or c-level but also partners and customers are involved in designing tomorrow innovative business offers. Mobilized teams around strategic debates with transversal issues.

For whom?
Whether you are an SME or a Start Up, a business branch or a public entity, federate your interlocutors and invite them to participate and contribute to your objectives and development plans. Benefit from community insights share internal and external valued expertise and experience. Anticipate and respond more quickly and efficiently to your challenges.

How ?
Your performance and your success go through more collaboration and sharing, while discovering your unexpected innovation potential. SocialJsIdeas is powerful, easy to use solution, accessible from your PC, tablet or mobile. Drive and animate your community work, explore and collect ideas, brainstorm hot topics, contribute anytime from anywhere.

Its benefits

User Interface

Real Time Data

Cloud Solution

SocialJsIdeas - Screenshot 1
SocialJsIdeas - Screenshot 1
SocialJsIdeas - Screenshot 1
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SocialJsIdeas: its rates and features

On demand

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