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Presentation of Sage Business Cloud Paie

Sage business cloud is a tailor-made solution that allows managers of VSEs, SMEs, and ETIs to manage employees and payroll.

The online application is accessible from any medium with an internet connection.

Simplified employee management

Accessible from an online interface, Sage Business Cloud Payroll provides complete visibility into human resources activity by function, status (manager, employee, etc.), establishment, profile, etc.

Sage Business Cloud automatically generates employee payslips and takes into account the needs of certain employees:

  • Monthly, hourly, reverse, offset, etc. payroll
  • Absence monitoring (CP, RTT, illness, etc.) and automatic calculation of the corresponding benefits

Sage centralizes all documents related to the administration of human resources. All documents are archived in the cloud and are accessible from any medium.

Compliance with legal obligations

Sage Business Cloud Payroll supports all legal obligations:

  • Clarified payslips, pay journal
  • NSN, electronic declaration
  • TEPA certificate
  • Work certificate 
  • AED
  • Etc.
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Prices and features of Sage Business Cloud Paie

1 à 250 salariés

On demand

Document Management



Accounting Entries Generation
Automated Tax Deductions
Automatic payroll closure
Batch payslip production
Certifications generation
Competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit
+ 61 other features

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